Let’s Talk Boudoir, with your Partner.

Let’s Talk Boudoir, with your Partner.

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So you’ve decided to do a boudoir session, but aren’t sure how to approach it with your partner?

Worried they might not think it’s the best idea?

Not sure how to explain to them the importance of this for you?

Concerned they might not see boudoir the same way you do?

Well… we hear you. We know it’s not always easy to approach the topic of a boudoir session with your partner and we have some great ideas to help them understand what boudoir photography is all about. 

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Our first suggestion, is to make a list of all the things inspiring you to have your photos taken. Most importantly, list that this is a moment in your life for YOU.

Inspiration can vary; is it a birthday gift for you? An special gift for your partner? Are you celebrating a weight loss journey achievement? Or celebrating the body you’ve been struggling to love since you had kids or hit 40? Or 50? 

You might want your boudoir photos taken to celebrate yourself or step outside your comfort zone. 

You may want your photos taken as a means to honor your breast cancer journey and to celebrate your survival. 

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Whatever your inspirations for doing a boudoir session, know that no one source of inspiration is more valid than another. Your motivation for having your photos taken is going to be personal and unique to you. 

Your inspirations for a Boudoir session are what your partner needs to hear and know, so they can support your journey too. 

Sitting down with your partner and walking them through your feelings, emotions, inspirations, and excitement for a boudoir session is vitally important.

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This allows them to know that the boudoir session is first and foremost for you. 

To empower you. 

To give you a moment where you are the focus and center of attention. 

To give you an opportunity to feel glamorous and beautiful. 

To reinvigorate or ignite a new love for yourself and your body that comes from no one else but you. 

This boudoir session isn’t just about taking risque photos. In fact, it’s hardly about that at all. 

It’s about feeling beautiful in your skin and sparking a long lasting confidence and commitment to self-love and care that will help enable you to be your best self, far beyond your photo shoot.

It’s about owning a stunning collection of artwork, that makes you feel strong, courageous, sexy and alive, each and every day.

As you sit with your partner and share this, there may be emotions coming up. It’s important to talk through them. Understand both sides of the conversation, and reiterate that you know, love and understand their point of view. Remind them that, while they may see you as beautiful and sexy, that may not be how you feel about yourself. 

The only person who can empower you to love yourself, is YOU.

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Explaining to your partner the value in this experience is important. There is SO much more that goes into a boudoir experience than what most people realize.

You aren’t just standing in front of a camera for 30-45 minutes. You are learning about yourself. 

You are spending time in hair and makeup, allowing yourself to feel like a queen.

You are the center of attention, working through the moments in life you didn’t feel like enough. 

You are unleashing your inner Goddess and removing the protective layers that have been holding you back.

You’re allowing your photographer to guide you, trusting the process even if you’re scared as hell.

And trust me gorgeous, this one photo shoot- these 3 to 4 hours of your life- may be some of the most empowering moments you ever experience.

Your partner will see the difference in you. The difference loving yourself makes. They will see how this affects not only your relationship with yourself, but with them as well. Boudoir sessions truly are therapy.

Our partners sometimes just need help understanding it first. So share these details with them. Walk them through how important it is to you. 

Help them understand that to you, this is the best gift you can give yourself. Loving yourself again, or for the first time ever in your life, is priceless.

This is the ultimate gift of a lifetime and one that will likely be the catalyst to deepening your self-love and growing into the best version of yourself. 

And you deserve it.

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