Let’s Talk Confidence

Let’s Talk Confidence

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“From start to finish an amazing experience! Lindsay made me feel comfortable from the start. For the first time in a very long time, I felt beautiful and even sexy! I would say to anyone on the fence about doing this, definitely do it, you won’t be sorry!!” 

When my clients express to me that they have insecurities, body issues, scars they want to hide… I sigh in relief! Because guess what…. Who doesn’t!? It means that you are a normal human being and I applaud you for being open enough to share those vulnerable things with me. It tells me that you are taking the necessary steps to work through those insecurities and that is the power of boudoir photography.

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Living in a world that is constantly projecting narrow beauty standards onto women is exhausting! We can work our whole lives trying to be accepted by others but the true beauty comes from within our hearts and souls. I often stress to my clients, your boudoir session is about capturing you in your divine essence nothing more, nothing less. Boudoir sessions are a safe place to let it all out and bask in the confidence and love you have for yourself. Every woman is a work of art no matter her shape or weight. I want you to come raw, nervous, and as you are now. That way we work on your process together.

Evolving is always overwhelming and fear can hold us back, but I will help you dig those issues out and begin to heal them so that you can move forward and grow deeper in self-love.

I have repeatedly watched women come out of their shells through my boudoir sessions. The first step to letting your sexy out is feeling comfortable in your environment. Above all, we create a safe and warm photo shoot experience and we have a ton of fun so you get to forget all about your nerves and remember why you wanted this experience in the first place;)

Not so sure? Check out my Raves section on my website – There you can see words of real women from all backgrounds who came to me and we not only overcame issues but also healed them. I would love to add you to that group. So bring your beautiful self down and let’s get to work.

Much Love,


p.s. Need info on our upcoming Miami or LA sessions? Limited spots still available. Schedule a call with us to learn more.

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