Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome! Iā€™m Lindsay Carlisle, an international fine art boudoir and nude photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I love good coffee, hot yoga, and the desert. The desert is my happy place- where I feel most creative and alive. I will NEVER complain if you want to fly me out for a desert boudoir session šŸ˜‰ In fact, I’m obsessed with traveling and will go to just about any length for an incredible photo shoot opportunity.

My heart is full, as I get to help change the lives of so many women that I photograph. I am SO grateful to each and every woman who invites me to document her strength, courage, and celebration of self.

Over the years I’ve photographed hundreds of women and have watched them transform after their photo session. My clients leave my studio with greater confidence, more appreciation for their bodies, and greater self-love than ever before- becoming artwork in the process.

I will help change the way you see yourself. Get ready for the most beautiful photos of yourself you’ve ever seen.


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Turning 40 was a big deal for me. So much had happened. I'd loved and lost my husband, lost a pregnancy, lost my identity a bit to motherhood to my 3 yr old. I wanted to feel beautiful and alive again...and I wanted an amazing photographer that I trusted to capture my essence so I could remember every time life got rough that this is who I am to the core...strong, beautiful, and perfectly imperfect just dancing my way through life- and I have the amazing pictures to prove it. - LT