Morning Rituals for Self-Care

Morning Rituals for Self-Care

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There is literally nothing that makes me feel more grounded than starting my day with some self-care rituals to nurture my mind, body, and soul.

I find it so magical to wakeup with the sun, move my body, and do really whatever else I need in that moment before conquering what lies ahead.  

Ultimately, to me self-care is a practice of honoring myself and doing so however I feel drawn to in the present moment.

Because I know that what my mind, body, and soul needs differs from day to day.

Some days I wakeup needing some slow yoga, journaling, and celery juice while other days I need a sh** ton of strong black coffee and a jog.

With that being said, I find that forming consistent ‘habits’ may not be the ideal goal for us all – although it’s something that gets shoved in our faces quite a bit in the media…

I thrive most when I carve out time consistently yet give myself the freedom to change what rituals I engage with during that time, guided by my intuition. 

Now, I know that some of us need more direction than that… which I totally get.

So I’m going to share my running list of self-care rituals that I use in the morning –

After reading through the list, I encourage you to explore the ones that feel good to you and leave the rest… only you know what you need to feel loved and supported. 

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– Skin Care: I love using all natural, botanical skincare products to brighten up my morning.  Citrus and rose scented products are by far my favorites at the moment. One of first things I do when I wake up is spray my face with rose water. I instantly feel refreshed & hydrated!

– Essential Oils: These are so wonderful to use in the morning to awaken your senses and infuse your space with a natural aroma.  You can diffuse them in the air or drop some on your wrists and take a few moments to sit with the smell.

– Journaling: If you are a vivid dreamer like me, journaling first thing in the morning can help clear your mind.  I tend to journal for about 15 minutes through dream journaling or stream of consciousness journaling (here is a really great article about it).

– Meditation: It feels like everyone and their mothers are pushing meditation these days.  It can be annoying but at the same time, I have felt the effects transform me first hand.  It’s taught me that sometimes the most powerful tools are also the most mundane.  I normally sit for 20-30 minutes right after I roll out of bed.  A friend of mine recently taught me the acronym “WPM” – it stands for “wake, pee, meditate”…  lol so that’s what I do! 

– Affirmations: If I don’t do my affirmations as a part of my morning routine, it’s likely I’ll forget all together!  We recently shared an awesome blog containing 5 Body Positive Affirmations – the blog also contains step-by-step instructions on how to use them.  Check it out if you missed it!

– Yoga: I prefer a slow and steady yin practice in the mornings where I hold poses for a couple of minutes to really work into those tight spots.  My hips and back are usually my stiff points… especially after a nights rest. 

– A jog or walk:  I don’t always feel like going outside first thing in the morning but sometimes I just need to move with a cadence and connect with nature.  I prefer to jog or walk super early in the morning so I have time to shower and relax before starting my day.  

– Coffee:  I felt silly even putting this on the list but it’s a vital part of my morning self-care routine.  Coffee not only helps me wakeup but I also enjoy the process of making it.  I love how the smell fills my kitchen, the sound of it brewing, and the feeling of taking that first sip…. yumm.  I also find it to be so fun to try different local coffee roasters to support local businesses and explore different flavors.  

– Celery juice: There’s a long long list of health benefits that are associated with drinking celery juice first thing in the morning.  Aside from the hydration, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants – I find that I feel extremely mentally clear after drinking it… like oddly clear.  This is also a great detox tool if you’ve had a night out or just feel off your game. 

– Mud Water: The most recent addition to my list!  Mud water is a coffee alternative that has a tonnnn of powerful ingredients that are designed to provide all the benefits of coffee without the anxiety that caffeine can trigger.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring my morning rituals for self-care!  I know that making the time to invest in yourself can be a process but even a few minutes of intention can completely transform your day 🙂 

It’s so rewarding. 

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We’d love to guide you though this transformational experience:

Much Love,


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