Moving Into Self-Acceptance

Moving Into Self-Acceptance

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Through diet culture, hustle culture, and the endless list of labels that the world tries to put on us, we are set up to feel as though who we are right now is not good enough. 

This patterning can leave us harboring guilt for not being the person we think we should be and blaming ourselves for constantly missing the mark.  

But what if I told you that who you are right now is where your ideal self dwells? 

Not in a job promotion, not in a number on the scale, and definitely not in that stack of self-help books you have on your bedside table.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good self-help book but they are the cherry on top of a long day for me NOT the turnkey to accessing self acceptance.  

If you’ve been with me for long enough you know that I am all for searching within and asking ourselves those hard questions to reveal the answers our souls are craving.  Giving ourselves that power helps move us into embodying the unrelenting self-love and confidence.  

When we ask those questions and identify what is standing in our way, we can release the fears that are blocking us from seeing ourselves as the divine beings that we are and move forward into a new way of being.

Time after time, my clients tell me that they had been dreaming of doing a session for months (years even!), but were too scared to take the leap because they were not at their ideal weight yet, were scared to ask for time off from their boss, or did not feel deserving of the experience.  That breaks my heart to hear because feeling all those feels is exactly why it is the perfect time to book your session.  

A shoot will show you how to take the messy, wild, scary, vulnerable parts of yourself and turn them into something absolutely remarkable.  Showing you first hand what it feels like to celebrate yourself for everything that you are despite what you have been made to feel about yourself in the past.

I am here to share that there is nothing you need to change about yourself to be ready for your session.  We want you to show up exactly as you are today and walk away feeling like you’ve never felt before.  Because you have everything you need within you already, the self acceptance, the love, the confidence, to move through your fears.  Our sessions are vessels that carry you through an inner-transformation.  You’ve got it all, I promise!  

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When we work within your comfort level and shed layers of clothing during your session you are also shedding layers of body image negativity that you may not have ever known you had and  are replacing them with positive self-talk and empowerment.  

I know that it can be hard to grasp what the experience will truly feel like if you have never had a session before and perhaps you have had a session and could use a reminder:

We’ve put together some affirmations to help you move into new levels of self-acceptance.  Simply repeat them out-loud or in your head as often as you feel drawn to:

“I love and accept my body just as it is today.”

“I am worthy of being celebrated for all that I am.”

“I believe in my ability to love myself unconditionally.”

If you find you are ready to take the next step on your journey to self-acceptance, we are here to guide you!  

Ready to talk about our photo shoots in Los Angeles, Miami or Tulum?

Simply schedule your phone consultation below and we will talk through any questions you may have, walk you through the process, and select your boudoir session date if you’re ready.  There is no better time than now to tap into your inner goddess and celebrate your beautiful self.

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