Oakland Boudoir Session: Tanya

Oakland Boudoir Session: Tanya

It is the biggest compliment when clients return for their second session and I’m thrilled that Tanya did for hers earlier this year! This time we brought it indoors, took more clothes off (like ALL of them), and added in some gold foil as an accessory at the end for a more fine art look. Want to know how she felt having her photos taken? Read her interview below…

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Q: Why did you decide to have your boudoir session with Lindsay Carlisle Boudoir?

A: One of my friends had added me to Lindsay’s Facebook group & the moment I saw her pictures I was in love and wanted to do something like that for myself. Also my boyfriend and I’s anniversary was coming up so I wanted to have a gift that I knew he would love. It actually took me a few months after being added to pluck up the courage to message Lindsay about doing a session.

san francisco-bay-area-boudoir-photography

Q: What does Boudoir Photography mean to you?

A: Freedom and acceptance. Freedom to be myself without caring what others think of me and acceptance of myself and truly learning how to love myself and the whole package I came in.


Q: How did you feel leading up to your session?

A: Leading up to my session I felt nervous & worried. I wanted to do this for myself but also as a gift for my bf. Yet I just kept having thoughts like “what if I don’t look good in any of my photos” “should I even do this I’m not a beautiful curvy girl with a sexy body.”



Q: How did you feel DURING your session?

A: My session was a complete 180 from my thoughts… Lindsay made me feel comfortable and like a goddess during my photo shoot. I had my hair and makeup done which gave me that extra boost of confidence, but Lindsay is definitely your number one cheerleader/supporter.  She will tell you how to pose so you don’t even have to worry about that. During my session I loved hearing Lindsay gasp with excitement and show me a glimpse of pictures she nearly died over. Getting to see a glimpse of them made me feel great like wow this woman really knows how to capture your essence in a beautiful photo.


Q: It’s been several months since you did your session. What comes to mind when you think about your session and your photo products now, months later?

A: I’m sooo, sooo, soo in love with my products. I choose her large package that came with a large metal frame that my boyfriend adores and has in his room, as well as an album with all my photos which he also received, lucky guy:)  I kept my mobile gallery for myself as well as my glass heirloom box with all my printed pictures. All in all I love my pictures… I felt so beautiful and my session gave me that extra boost of confidence to love the body I’m in. Thanks Lindsay!