One Size Does NOT Fit All

One Size Does NOT Fit All

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When I set out to create Lindsay Carlisle Boudoir Portraits in 2014, I knew in my soul that guiding women through boudoir shoots would be my outlet to share with others the beauty that dwells in our differences, quirks, and uniqueness.  

Boudoir photography is an opportunity to shine a light on the beauty of our own personal growth and journey.

Maybe this passion stems from my background in psychology & counseling or perhaps it’s an innate enthusiasm for healing.  

As we’ve grown and flourished throughout the years, my team and I have kept our focus on innovating our session experience to ensure that each and every one of our clients journeys are curated to fit their true desires, needs, and comfort level. 

Why? Because one size does NOT fit all! 

There are four main aspects of your boudoir experience that are completely customizable that we want to walk you through.

Now… before we dive in, I want to note that I understand having too many options can be overwhelming… I get that.  

So keep in mind that we will be holding your hand through each step of your session planning – from selecting your session date to selecting your dream products to choosing how to showcase your final images, we’ll be right by your side cheering you on to ensure that you feel 100% confident stepping into the studio on session day, ready to bask in the experience. 

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My absolute favorite aspect of session prep is wardrobe!  Wardrobe is such a powerful way to make a statement in your images whether that be to your past or future self or perhaps to the world!  During wardrobe preparation, I always suggest looking for inspiration online, through our portfolio (view our Unique Wardrobe Blog) and on online shops.  Take stock of what you naturally are drawn to, I love a good old mood board, and put the pieces together from there.  Absolutely nothing is too extra, dramatic, or out there.  

We will photograph you in 3 outfits for your session which will help us create lots of variety in your images.  We do have a small client wardrobe loaded with body chains and jewelry that we can add to the mix.  And of course, going fine art nude is always on offer depending on your comfort level!

Following what instinctually lights you up will naturally result in your wardrobe options being unique to you.  Sometimes my clients share that their wardrobe picks ended up being nothing like their day-to-day wardrobe and in my opinion that’s a good thing!  It means that you are embodying a new layer of yourself. 

Hair & Makeup:

A lot of my clients don’t know what Hair and Makeup looks they want to go with for their sessions because they don’t have their Hair and Makeup done often enough to know what looks they feel are most flattering on themselves.  Luckily, my stellar Hair and Makeup artists are experts in working with all face shapes, skin tones, and visions to enhance your natural beauty and best features.  

Similar to wardrobe, I recommend making a mood board (Pinterest works great for this purpose!) filled with your most dreamy looks and showing it to my Hair and Makeup artist on session day.  They will be able to combine your vision and your features to create a one of a kind look that you will absolutely love.


Bonuses are complimentary sets and products such as professional headshots, an extra outfit change, etc that are added to your session experience when you opt to pre-purchase your photos within 14 days of making your reservation.

Bonus options are wonderful because they give you options to add more variety and value to your experience for no additional cost. They are our gift to you.

Our session bonuses shift year to year so as a returning client you will be able to switch it up from session to session!


Location is the ULTIMATE way to customize your photos and overall shoot. 

Throughout the year, we have three different session locations to take advantage of as a new or returning client.  Those locations being Tulum, LA, and Miami. We also offer our sessions just once per year on the world-famous Bonneville Salt Flat in Utah.

Where will YOU choose? 

Want to book your boudoir session with us? Start by reserving a call below:

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