Our Boudoir Photo Shoots in 2022

Our Boudoir Photo Shoots in 2022

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2021 will go down as one of the most transformative years of my life.

Can you relate? 

It was a year that was filled with so much growth, new relationships, changes (some chosen and some not), and a lot of incredible boudoir photo shoots with you lovely women.

I am equally as excited to be closing this chapter as I am sentimental about watching it fade in the rearview.  

Looking back on our 2021 photoshoot overview (view the post here) I was taken back by how powerful each and every one of our 2021 photoshoots was.

Seeing these photos led me to reflect on all of the things that we are going to be doing more of in 2022 to keep the empowerment going.  

Get ready ladies, this year is going to be magic…

los angeles boudoir photography

#1 – Destination Boudoir Shoots in Tulum:

As many of you know, we made some not so easy but necessary changes within the studio this year.  One being that we discontinued our regular Miami sessions (and annual Salt Flat Sessions in UT) in order to welcome more of you to Tulum, Mexico for your destination boudoir shoots.  

Going to Tulum for your boudoir shoot is an experience that will leave you coming home a different woman than you were when you embarked on your journey.

So, for those of you who are feeling the wanderlust and an experience that will help you reconnect with the goddess in you, you can get in touch about our 2022 Tulum availability by scheduling a complimentary information phone consult with the studio!

We also shared tons of information about our Tulum boudoir shoots with you throughout the last year to make the planning process, and experience as a whole, as transparent and easy as possible.  

Here are some of your favorite Tulum posts from last year: Body Jewelry in Tulum, Tulum Wardrobe For All Comfort Levels, The Morning of Your Tulum Boudoir Shoot, Your Four-Day Tulum Travel Itinerary, Tulum Session FAQ. 

Tulum boudoir photographer

#2 – Breathtaking Hair and Makeup Transformations:

Want to see more of these Hair and Makeup before and afters in 2022? 

Get ready because, me too babe, me too.  

All of our Hair and Makeup artists are able to customize your look by merging your vision with what will be most flattering for your unique features, skin tone, outfits, etc. 

Whether you want to go all out for your look with some Hollywood glam or want to stick to the beach waves and enhance your natural beauty, the transformation is going to take you from every day to slay. 

A pretty fun way to start out your boudoir experience huh? 😉 

los angeles boudoir photography

#3 – One-Of-A-Kind Edgy Wardrobe Looks:

There’s nothing like awakening your inner fire through a wardrobe look that makes you feel like the main character of your own movie.

Talk about soul level, empowering!

We are always encouraging our clients to add their own personal touches to the traditional boudoir style lingerie looks, like a bodysuit, to add more layers of their story to their images.  

I know that stepping outside of our comfort zone when it comes to wardrobe can be a challenge for many of us.  This is why we have plenty of prep tools to help you vision board, learn more about your personal style, and know what to look for in pieces to make sure they will be flattering on camera.

Here are some of your favorite wardrobe-focused pieces from 2021: Embrace Your Power Through Wardrobe, At Home Boudoir Wardrobe Fittings, Showing Up Fearlessly Through Wardrobe

edgy boudoir photography

#4 – Creating Luxury Products With You That Will Last a Lifetime:

If you think that doing a photoshoot sounds fun, can you imagine what it will feel like to look back on your images years down the line and reminisce on that time in your life and how far you’ve come since then? 

It’s a remarkable feeling and it reminds you of how powerful you truly are, inside and out.  

Some of my past clients tell me that they carry their products around with them for a while in their purse or in their car because they can’t take their eyes off them.

Images that powerful deserve to be showcased in museum quality, archival products and we’ve designed the perfect collections over the years to give you the products of your dreams. 

I can’t wait to see the stunning pieces of art we create together in 2022!

boudoir photography los angeles LA Boudoir | Product Feature

#5 – Strengthening Our Badass Community of Like-Minded Women in Our VIP Facebook Group:

If I’ve learned anything in 2021, it’s the importance of community. 

We need the empowerment, love, wisdom, and healing that comes from interacting with one another.

I know not all of us feel completely free to express ourselves within our immediate circles and may look for that sense of community in the digital realm. 

This is why years ago I started the Lindsay Carlisle Photography, Self Love and Female Empowerment Sessions group on Facebook.  

This group is open to females and those who identify as female who are looking for a sense of empowerment and inspiration as they celebrate body positivity and self love. 

It is a private and safe group where members can feel comfortable talking about boudoir, about their bodies, sharing their personal photos and stories of inspiration.

I am thrilled to watch this group grow and evolve in the new year.  If you are not already a member, I’d love to welcome you to join us using the link below!

Tulum Boudoir Photographer

Ready to Join Us in 2022?!

If you’re interested in booking a boudoir shoot in LA or Tulum in 2022, there is no better time than now to get in touch! 

The fist step to booking is to schedule a phone consultation with the studio using the button below:

With Love, 


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