Outdoor Boudoir: Desert Sessions

Outdoor Boudoir: Desert Sessions

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Have you heard what our desert sessions are all about?

Whether it’s our sessions in Palm Desert, California or Bonneville Salt Flat in Utah, you’re going to feel something extra special when you join us out in the desert for your photo shoot.

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In the desert we’re creating images that are not all that traditional in the world of boudoir photography…and we’re totally OK with that.

Recently, I did an interview with my studio manager Stina and raved about my love affair with the desert. You can read more about it HERE.

The desert offers a vastness and a sense of expansion that we hope all of our clients get to experience, as they deepen their connection to nature and themselves. 

So how can you tell if outdoor boudoir is right for you? 

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Here’s 5 signs that you should be considering an outdoor boudoir shoot with us:

1. You aren’t afraid of the elements that come with shooting boudoir outdoors

Shooting in the desert isn’t always for the faint of heart. The heat is one thing (although we avoid working there during the hottest months), but insects, sun in your eyes, gusts of sandy wind, uneven terrain, and little to no shade are a whole new set of elements to consider. Though we also avoid the times of day when the sun is at it’s strongest, you may experience some more intense light during the first 30 minutes or so of your photo shoot. Hats, bug spray and comfortable walking shoes highly recommended!

2. You want a unique look to your photos

The truth is, not every boudoir photographer is taking their work outdoors. Sometimes it’s just easier to shoot in our studio spaces as we know these spaces like the back of our hand. BUT, boudoir photos are meant to capture you in your essence. If your essence is in nature or wants an out of the bedroom look, then an outdoor boudoir session will be perfect for you.

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3. You want to capitalize on that sensual golden hour

Good light will make or break a photo and we live for good light in our studio! It’s why we schedule all of our sessions at a very specific time so that we can best align our photo shoot with optimal light. (And if you’ve had a session with me you may have experienced a slight shift in our start time so that we can time our light accordingly, so you know what I’m talking about;)

Outdoor sessions take light to a whole new level. In the desert we are able to bathe you in the warmest, most sensual light that is free of light blockages like buildings, allowing us to take advantage of all the most gorgeous light imaginable. 

4. You want your wardrobe to be….different

Traditionally, boudoir photography takes place in a bedroom where women wear lingerie or go partially or full nude. An indoor bedroom setting doesn’t always lend so well to the more out of the box wardrobe looks. For those, you need an expansive outdoor location that matches the vibe of your outfit.

This tulle skirt for example was such a hit when we took it to the salt flat in Utah a few years ago. While we could maaaybe squeeze it into a studio session, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the full effect of it indoors given the size. Pieces like this scream “outdoor boudoir!”

outdoor desert boudoir

5. You want multiple lighting looks in your gallery

Another plus to our desert sessions- we’ll experience multiple lighting scenarios while shooting. Starting with late afternoon sun, golden hour, dusk and beyond. The post-dusk “beyond” is where we’ll utilize off camera lighting to capture extra drama in your photos. Then we run back to the car because, well…it’s dark in the desert at night:)

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Is an outdoor desert session right for you? We have Palm Desert and Bonneville Salt Flat sessions available, but not for very much longer as they WILL sell out! 

Schedule a call with us to get all your questions answered OR to book your session:

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