Outdoor Boudoir Photography

Outdoor Boudoir Photography

Another gorgeous boudoir photo shoot. Want to read what session day is like? Check out our recent client interview:

Q: How old are you?
A: 47 years young:)
Q: What prompted you to do a boudoir session? Tell us a bit about your journey of self love.
A: I wanted to have something tangible that I could view and reflect on in my later years…I also wanted to do this while I still felt somewhat youthful.  I envisioned a magical experience in a dark forest with butterflies.  To our surprise, a squirrel joined us on the shoot which was definitely a highlight.  I’ve struggled with self acceptance for most of my life so having this experience was a big step towards self-love.  It was also super fun, and I absolutely adore the photographer and her work.
oakland-east bay-boudoir-photography.jpg
Q. How did you feel during your session? What was it like for you?
A. Initially I felt nervous but after a few minutes, I was pretty comfortable in my own skin (literally) and had a great time.  Lindsay is awesome at making her clients feel comfortable and she makes it fun. 
Q.Did you have any fears or concerns before doing your session?
A. I did have concerns. I was afraid that I would appear out of shape, overweight or even ugly in my photos. I know those words are harsh, but I’m still working on my self-image. Doing this photo shoot was part of my journey towards acceptance. 
san francisco bay area-boudoir-photographer.jpg
san francisco-bay-area-boudoir-fine art-photographer.jpg
Q.What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?  
A. My favorite part of the session was being outside in a woodsy part of GG park…the butterflies and squirrel made it magical and the mini-nakey session was fun and empowering.  I really didn’t mind if anyone saw me in my birthday suit.  I felt free.  

san francisco-boudoir-photographer.jpg
san francisco-boudoir-photography.jpg

Q. How did you feel about seeing your photos for the first time?
A. I felt nervous and then pleasantly surprised by some of my pictures.  The photos came out beautifully thanks to my awesome photographer. 🙂

sf-bay area-boudoir-fine art-photography.jpg

sf-bay-area-boudoir photographer.jpg

Q. Any thoughts on the power of boudoir photography for women?  
A. My thoughts on the power of boudoir photography revolve around a lot of “wow” moments and accepting oneself as beautiful, brave and adventurous.  All women should experience this.  I’m glad I did.
San francisco-bay-area-boudoir-nude-photographer
San Francisco-bay-area-boudoir-nude-photographer