Owning Your Desires

Owning Your Desires

So excited to announce we are starting a new guest blogging series!

This spring we’ll be featuring empowering writing for women by holistic sexuality and sensuality empowerment coach Kamala Leslie. Kamala brings decades worth of coaching and practice to her clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Personally, I had the pleasure of taking Kamala’s Jade Egg course last summer which inspired me to deepen my own relationship with sexuality and sensuality.

In a world where we can be so disconnected from one another and from ourselves, Kamala’s work is something I think all women NEED (yes, need) and I’m thrilled to start to share it with you all.

Please enjoy Kamala’s first feature below:

Hello Gorgeous!

How are you feeling, doing, and being this Spring?

I want to share a little story today that reminded me of just how important it is that we honor and pursue our desires and yearnings as women + how key it is to our sensual fulfillment in life.

Read along as I offer some guided self-inquiry and support to help you tune into and take a stand for your desires more.

This past December, I had a very clear ache… one that I had felt earlier in the year but that I kept postponing.  What was it?

I wanted a vacation.

Not a retreat, not a weekend seminar, not a personal development getaway…

No, I wanted a vacation.

The desire was clear: go somewhere warm and sunny + do nothing where I am in pursuit of a goal (i.e. self improvement, a training, etc.)

Of course, the first opposing thought that arose was, “But… you’re paying down debt right now, you can’t afford it!”  Initially, I gave in and thought, “Well yes, perhaps this is in conflict.”

But, then I made a simple but radical choice: to tune into the desire.  

To really feel in my body how my body wisdom was ASKING me for a getaway.  Wow, I could feel the longing for beachy sunshine and leisurely days and how hard I had worked the past year.  I felt both my tiredness and hunger for some sunshine & play AND the excitement around possibly making this trip happen.

So, in that moment, it was settled.  I would make it happen, despite it not being “logical.”

And thus was created my 12 day winter vacation in Sayulita, Mexico.  I found the financial way to do it and it was soooo worth it.  (And it even included two nights in a luxury suite at the end of the trip in Puerto Vallarta. I LOVED it!)

While there, I ended up riding horses and galloping on a horse, which I had not done since I was about 11 years old.  It was ecstatic and magical.

I also read books, which I missed making the time to do.  I sunbathed by booty (and even did some sunbathing of my yoni on my private deck!!) I also met some really fun people while out sipping on margaritas in the evenings.

By the end, I felt so good, so invigorated…and TURNED ON.

Relaxation in nature by the way is KEY to maintaining a life of healthy pleasure + turn-on. Too much stress will not only wear down our bodies and hormones, but our soulful connections to all that we enjoy as well.

I’m sharing this to encourage you today, wherever you are, to give yourself even more permission to listen to your yearnings and desires.  

Beware of the opposing voices that most likely WILL rear their head to come up with all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do the thing you want.

Below, I share some self-inquiry and tips on how to start to follow your desires more…

sf bay area boudoir

When you tune into your body + being, is there something you are missing, craving, or yearning for that you know would positively nourish your life and turn on?

What is stopping you from taking the next step towards this desire?

What opposing voices come up?

Can you acknowledge these voices, thank them for their concern, honor any bits of wisdom they may have, and still empower yourself by putting your desire in the front seat with you?

What’s the next step to follow this yearning with pleasure?

Is there any support you can reach out for?

Lastly, when you, even in the smallest of ways, honor your desires, make sure to truly receive the good feelings that come with this.

Acknowledge yourself for choosing to take the stand for what you want, receive the pleasurable sensations, and express gratitude to Life (or a higher power) for allowing you this gift.

The more you do this for the little choices you make each day to honor your yearnings, the easier it will be to take the bigger risks to make your larger desires come to fruition.  

I’d love to hear from you what desires you are wishing to pursue, have recently pursued, or need more support to empower yourself to make happen.  Please share in the comments!

Blessings to you,



p.s. Photo above is of a spectacular magical sunset my last night in Puerto Vallarta and the image below is of course from my ecstatic horseback riding on the beach!

sf bay area boudoir

Upcoming Course: 

Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing more details soon of my upcoming online Jade Queen’s course.  If you’ve been wanting to learn more about the Jade Egg practice and to learn in an amazing community of women from around the globe, then this course is for you! 

sf bay area boudoir

sf bay area boudoirKamala Leslie is a Holistic Sexuality and Sensual Empowerment Coach and Ritualist with over twenty years of study and practice in the healing and spiritual arts including yoga, Tantra, Taoist healing, dance, and multiple coaching certifications.  

Using a trauma-informed body-mind-somatic approach with a combo of tools, Kamala brings her clients into a direct and loving relationship with their sexuality that often awakens a blossoming and aliveness in their being and feminine energy that ripples into all areas of their life.  Her clients experience an awakening into total confidence, self-love, and pleasure both in and out of the bedroom.

She offers 1:1 and group coaching, as well as Jade Egg pelvic floor courses, and other related workshops and retreats.