Packing for your Destination Shoot in Tulum

Packing for your Destination Shoot in Tulum

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A destination boudoir photo shoot with us in Tulum, Mexico is one of the most empowering experiences you can gift yourself.

For such an incredible life experience, you’ll want to be sure you’re prepared well in advance for your Tulum session.

The preparation for your destination shoot is almost just as important as the photo shoot itself.  This is because your travels to Tulum will push you out of your zone of comfort and expand what you think is possible for yourself…arriving prepared with the right wardrobe and mindset is essential to having a successful session in Tulum.

Destination Boudoir Photography in Tulum, MX

One of the most important aspects of planning for your destination boudoir shoot is packing.  It’s important that you embark on your journey confident that you have everything you need to slay your photo shoot.  That way, when you arrive in Tulum, you can focus on immersing yourself in paradise.

Leading up to shoot day, we’ll be sending you helpful prep materials that will cover the basics of what you need to bring to your shoot.  However, in this post, we are going to share 5 things to put on your packing list that are unique to your Tulum photo shoot.

Read on for the 5 Unique Items...

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#1. Body Jewelry

Wearing body jewelry during your Tulum photo shoot is a must! It instantly puts you in a goddess-like mindset and looks stunning draped over your body. 

When planning out your wardrobe pieces, I recommend adding a piece of body jewelry to your collection.  These are fabulous transition pieces that can be layered over a swimsuit, under a cover-up, or worn solo.

For more details about what to look for in your body jewelry pieces, visit our recent blog post, Body Jewelry in Tulum.  This post also features direct links to shop!

#2. Blinged-Out Swimwear

Because, when else are you going to get the opportunity to rock a blinged-out bikini?!  In all seriousness, it’s important that your wardrobe pieces stand out against Tulum’s environmental backdrop.  With that being said, most of our classic lingerie styles, like a lace bodysuit, just don’t do the trick for your destination shoot.  

So, a jeweled bikini or one-piece is the way to go.  These pieces are so much fun to shop for because you never know what is going to catch your eye and light that inner fire.

Check out Bikini Crush Swimwear for a jaw-dropping collection of jeweled bikinis.

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#3. Sheer Beach Cover-Ups or Dresses

Cover-ups and dresses are ideal for those full-body shots surrounded by the jungle of Tulum.  These more full-coverage outfits help us ease into the shoot and strip down as you get more comfortable.  

Plus, they bring out the sexy boho side of you 😉

Take a look through our post, Tulum Wardrobe For All Comfort Levels, for our cover-up and beach dress recommendations. 

Destination Boudoir Photography in Tulum, MX

#4. Comfortable Sandals

Although your sandals won’t be pictured, it’s important to have a comfortable pair to walk to and from your shoot location with.   In addition, as we move from different areas of the shoot, you’ll want to slip them on to keep your feet clean.  

These don’t have to be cute!  Just comfortable and easy get take on and off.

Destination Boudoir Photography in Tulum, MX

#5. Your Birthday Suit

You heard that right! Throw it in your suitcase because you’ll need it!  Rocking your birthday suit while outdoors is going to feel vulnerable, liberating, and so freaking good.  It brings out our primal nature and is an opportunity to celebrate our beautiful bodies in their full essence.  

There is no pressure to strip down more than you are comfortable with, however, chances are you’ll feel far more comfortable on shoot day than you might be anticipating.  

So, keep an open mind and see how you feel in the moment if you are unsure of whether going nude is for you or not.

Destination Boudoir Photography in Tulum, MX

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