Part 2: Interview with Lindsay Carlisle

Part 2: Interview with Lindsay Carlisle

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Last week we published Part 1 of our Interview with Lindsay on the blog. If you missed it, you can view it HERE.

This week we’re diving into more details about boudoir, best food in Tulum and what’s coming up in 2021 for our boudoir studio.

Read on babe to learn more and drop your extra questions in the comments section below…

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 What advice would you give someone considering a Boudoir session?

Do a lot of research. Be sure to check out the photographer’s website, Instagram and really get a feel for their work. Many boudoir photographers share a similar style so if you’re looking for something different and don’t find it right away, keep looking! Don’t settle for a style that doesn’t entirely match your own vision for your photos. What you’re looking for is out there.

Also, absolutely do not wait to lose those extra lbs. Months become years and before you know it, you’re feeling that you missed the boat. Remember that in hiring a professional, you are paying an expert who knows their craft. Also remember that this is VERY different from phone photos that you have your partner or friend take of you. Your photographer should know optimal lighting, angles and poses for the most flattering photos highlighting all your favorite attributes. A true pro will have you loving all the photos of yourself that you thought you were going to hate.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of your job?

100% the most rewarding part of my job is helping women see their own beauty. 

We all have our own insecurities and for many women, this comes in the form of how they feel about their bodies. Many of our clients are leaving bad relationships (with themselves or others) where they may have felt unworthy or that their bodies are unattractive. This is traumatic on so many levels and so we work with a lot of women who are picking up the pieces and finding themselves again. I like to think of our boudoir photos as visual therapy.

One of my most favorite client reviews has been: 

“In the future, when I catch myself criticizing my looks, I’ll pull up my gallery and remind myself that my body is beautiful period. If you have body image issues, or are a bigger girl and hesitant, just do it! Lindsay will help you find beauty in yourself you’ve forgotten exists.”

These types of client experiences are what inspire me every day. Helping women see themselves as beautiful art worthy of hanging on their wall? I can’t think of anything more rewarding.

Ok, let’s talk about the food where you live in Tulum. What are your favorite go to spots there?

In Tulum I love El Camello. It’s a local ceviche spot that is usually packed and for good reason. Mezzanine has great Thai, which is not easy to find in Tulum, and also their happy hour overlooking the sea is ah-freaking-mazing. Liquido y Solido is another favorite smoothie and veggie bowl spot (obsessed with their Cuuo bowl). Also a big fan of Holistika’s Tierra, which has the best falafel salad around. Be sure to check out the dome once you’re done eating. Gitano in the hotel zone is a favorite for cocktails with it’s super sexy jungle ambiance. Not to be missed!

We made it through 2020, tell us about 2021 for you.

A lot is coming up in 2021. We continue to offer our sessions in Tulum and also will be traveling quite a bit the first half of 2021. First to Los Angeles from March 12th-April 10th and then on to Miami from May 1st-7th. After that we’ll be at the Salt Flat in Utah in August. 

Personally, travel is on the brain. Even though I travel all the time for work, I haven’t taken a long trip for myself in several years! I have my eyes on a trip to Oaxaca asap. Hopefully a couple other shorter trips around Mexico this summer. Then, it’s starting to plan an epic 40th birthday trip at the end of this year. South America is calling me.

Ok, final question. What’s next for you? What’s on your radar?

Oh girl, SO much! A serious upgrade to our studio wardrobe for one. I’m very inspired by more out of the box, avant garde style wardrobe, so we’ll be adding more pieces like this to our collection this year. 

I’m also working on something extra special for our Tulum sessions, which should launch later this year.  There’s actually a lot of preparation going on behind the scenes that barely anyone knows about, but I’ll share when the time is right. 

In the meantime, I’m beyond excited for this year and can’t wait to help more women feel lit up through our work together. Whether it’s the jungle, desert, Miami or Los Angeles- we’re here to offer the most epic boudoir experience out there. 

Missed Part 1 of our interview? Read what the most memorable photo shoot has been for Lindsay and some more behind the scenes details HERE.

And if you still have question or want to learn more about our boudoir photo shoots near you, schedule a call with us: 

Hope to see you soon. 

Much Love,

Lindsay Carlisle Boudoir Studio

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