Retouching Your LA Boudoir Photos

Retouching Your LA Boudoir Photos

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The professional retouching of your photographs is included in your LA boudoir and Tulum boudoir experience.  After all, a boudoir photo shoot is a luxury investment in your body confidence goals.  And, I want to make sure that when you look at your photos, you are looking at the best version of yourself.  Our top-quality skin retouching makes that a reality.

Do you have blemishes that you don't want in your LA boudoir photos?

Not a problem...

– A bruise from playing softball last week?

– A scar from shaving your legs?

– An eczema flare-up?

– That dreaded mask-ne breakout?

– Woke up with mosquito bites from yesterday’s hike?

Do not worry, Babe.

Blemishes are all souvenirs of living life and being a human.  However, you may not want them in your photos forever, and that’s okay.  With our image retouching, we’ll smooth out your skin and remove your blemishes so we can keep the focus of your images on what you want to remember for years to come. 

la boudoir photos

We've gotcha too, Mamas...

Motherhood can change our bodies in unexpected ways. Some ways we may love, and some we may be  learning to to embrace.  Many of my clients are mothers of all ages and they each have a unique relationship with their post-baby bodies.  My job is to honor that unique relationship and capture you in a way that you are most empowered by.

Boudoir is the perfect treat for moms because it is the ultimate combination of self-care and empowering body confidence.

Maybe you just recently fell in love with your tummy or stretch marks or are not comfortable with having them shown in your images.  No matter where you are coming from, a boudoir photo shoot can be a tool to celebrate this chapter in your self-love journey.

“My wife had the pleasure of working with Lindsay several months ago, and both she and I could not be happier with the results of her photo session. My wife has always struggled with some body issues, and Lindsay helped her feel beautiful, sexy, and alive… moreso than she has felt in years since becoming a mom. Her work with Lindsay has ignited her sensual spirit again. We are both so grateful for the experience and the art work that Lindsay produced far exceeded our expectations.
We can’t wait to work with Lindsay again in the future!” – A.N.
la boudoir photos

Our approach to retouching your LA boudoir photos...

Our goal with image retouching is to enhance your natural beauty and put a fine art polish on your photographs so they are ready to be displayed in the products of your dreams.

Between posing, image retouching, wardrobe, hair and makeup, and lighting, we’ll have complete control over what is shown in your images and what is kept in the shadows.  

And, if you have any requests that you’d like us to incorporate into the retouching process, simply let me know.

la boudoir photos

What to expect after your LA boudoir photo shoot:

Approximately 5 days after your photo session, we will meet again in the studio or via Zoom for your reveal and order session. At this time, you will see your fully retouched images for the first time and pick out exactly which collection or a la carte products you’d like to take home. 

Your image reveal and ordering session can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Seeing your final images can be incredibly exciting and liberating.  But overall, you’ll leave your reveal feeling a huge sense of accomplishment and pride for the woman in your photographs.

And most importantly, with our tasteful image retouching, you will still see YOU in your images.

Ready to Book Your LA Boudoir Experience?

If you are ready to take the next step to booking your boudoir shoot, you can book an obligation-free phone consultation with the studio using the link below:

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