Salt Flat Self-Portraits

Salt Flat Self-Portraits

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Every August we head to Bonneville Salt Flat in Utah for our annual Salt Flat Sessions.

And every year, I have the opportunity, alongside my clients, to be photographed in an absolutely incredible place- a practically otherworldly location.

I love this place because it gives us the chance to be the most magnificent subject on nature’s finest backdrop. There are very few places like it on Earth and it is always an honor to share this place with my clients.

It is unique and it is extraordinary. Yep, it really is that special.

Each August we return to Utah to offer sessions here because there is no other place like it around and we want your photos to shine! And when we’ve finished all of our client photo shoots, I then turn the camera around on myself and take a series of self-portraits on the Salt Flat.

It’s become tradition every year now and is something I value and look forward to. Why?

Because just like my clients, I want to not only look and feel like artwork, but to honor everything that put me on the path to be where I am in that very moment- capturing beautiful portraits and celebrating the journey leading up to the photo shoot.

Every year I honor and celebrate progress, strength, successes and failures. They all help tell my story. I wouldn’t be me without them.

Like I always tell my clients, not only are we taking sexy photos, but we are documenting the healing process. We are celebrating the survival of life’s ups and downs and the gorgeous mess that it is to be human.

Here are some of what I was able to capture out on the Salt Flat last summer. Hope you enjoy…

salt lake city boudoir

salt lake city boudoir

salt lake city boudoir

We’re offering only 2 more spots on the Salt Flat this August. To make your reservation, schedule a call with our studio:

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