Salt Flat Session FAQ

Salt Flat Session FAQ

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I fell in love with the Salt Flat in Utah years ago and have since then made multiple session offerings there for my clients.  As a lover of nature, I was captivated by the vastness of the environment.  There is a certain openness that makes you feel as though time is standing still.  As if it is just you, my team supporting you, and the experience.  

I know that destination sessions are a bucket list item for many, but the travel and anticipation can cause us to keep telling ourselves, “maybe next year it will make more sense.”

I’m here to let you know that next year might be the LAST year we offer these;)

Sometimes it feels like I am shouting this from the rooftops but… the time is now.  There will never be the perfect time to do something for yourself, unless you make it one.  

So, I’ve put together this FAQ for you to share some insight on some of the more nitty gritty aspects of your Salt Flat Destination Session:

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Q: When is the best time of year to visit? 

A: The Salt Flats are actually wet for most of the year but they dry up between July and September. The best time to shoot there is in August when the salt is the driest, therefore helping create a beautiful white canvas.  

Q: How should I prepare for my Salt Flat Session? 

A: We recommend booking your accommodations months in advance before your session date.  The Salt Flat is about an hour and a half west of Salt Lake City which is where the majority of my clients decide to book their accommodations.  There are some more accommodation options that are closer to the Salt Flat, but there’s not a ton else nearby.  So, if you are making it a few day trip, I think Salt Lake City is the way to go.

Other than accommodations, prepping for your outdoor session isn’t too different from a normal session.  You will be receiving all of our thorough prep materials leading up to your date to ensure you are 110% ready to conquer the day.  The only thing I would add is to stay hydrated! Traveling can be unexpectedly dehydrating and with that salty air, you will thank me later.

boudoir photographer salt lake city

Q: Can I bring my partner or a friend to come along if they are traveling with me?

A: Your session experience is for you and we want you to bask in every moment of what that means.  This is a question we get quite often and after years of guiding women through boudoir sessions, some solo and some not, I can tell you that it is worth the pre-session jitters to be able to experience this by yourself.  We recently put out a blog post on this topic, give it a read (view here) if you are interested in knowing more.

Q: How long will we be in the sun?

A: One of the many benefits of doing an outdoor session is we get access to an array of different lighting circumstances as we move through shoot time which means we will be shooting slightly longer than an indoor session to allow the sun to shift.  With that being said, we shoot from golden hour through dusk so we don’t have to worry too much about sun exposure unless you are someone who is super sensitive to the sun.  In that case, I recommend applying a sheer sunscreen and spf moisturizer to your body and face before arriving at Hair and Makeup.  

Q: Are we going to be in public?

A: The salt flat is massive and during your photo shoot we are able to drive out to a spot where we can be completely solo. There is plenty of open space to work with. We are never too far from the car if you want some coverage to change outfits or need a moment to regroup.  

Boudoir Sessions are for stepping out of your comfort zone and there are endless ways to do so during our outdoor sessions.  My best advice on this topic is to plan on the side of comfort and if in the moment you are feeling like experimenting, we can do so during your shoot!

I am ecstatic to be traveling to the Salt Flat again in August of 2024 to share the beauty that we create together.  I hope that this information is helpful and as always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or are interested in booking your session at the Bonneville Salt Flat next summer.

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