Miami Boudoir Photographer

Miami Boudoir Photographer

We are so excited to bring client experiences back to the blog! Read this beauty’s firsthand experience in the studio and admire some of her gallery below:

“I decided to do a boudoir session with Lindsay, because I liked her style of photos I had seen on social media.  I had always wanted to take boudoir photos, but I wanted someone I could trust in and would make me look sexy and beautiful at the same time.

When I contacted Lindsay she was very friendly and we discussed what the session would entail. She was very informative and reassuring that I was in safe hands. I wanted to make sure we had a good rapport between us. Lindsay reassured me that everything would be fine and made me feel comfortable enough to go ahead and book a session.

The days before the session, I felt nervous. I started to think how could someone bulky like myself take these pictures. All the negative talk about my body size, my face, age came up. Plus, I thought what is my family and friends going to think? Even the negative stuff from past boyfriends came up.  But I knew that I wanted to do it and I remember Lindsay saying,”Many ladies feel nervous before the session, but you will be fine and it will be a powerful experience.”

The day of the session, I wanted to call and cancel. But I pushed myself and ended up having a really good time! I had a lovely lady by the name of Ashley do my hair and make up. She reassured me that everything was going to be okay. She said Lindsay would show me how beautiful I was. These words made me feel more open to the experience and comfortable.

I started the photo shoot and Lindsay instructed me on how to pose. I did not want to go fully nude at first, but as the session progressed I ended up going full monty. I was not sure how it would look. A part of me was embarrassed and another part of me was saying “you go girl!” Lindsay was supportive throughout the session. I ended the session feeling high. I was so happy I did it. I ended celebrating me. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

See miss l’s anonymous gallery below…enjoy!


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  1. Amiee Kelly

    Absolutely stunning!!! Miss L is a goddess and Lindsay captured every ounce of her sexiness! I can’t wait to have a session with Lindsay!!

    1. Lindsay Carlisle

      Can’t wait for that either! Counting down the days…whenever that day may be;)

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