“My session with Lindsay was AMAZING. I’ve done a boudoir session with another photographer and I hated it and was super skeptical about doing one with Lindsay. As soon as I got there all of my nerves melted away. I was even comfy enough to go full nude. I highly recommend doing a session. It will boost your confidence.”

Read more about Alisa’s boudoir experience in the studio below:

Q: What made you want to schedule a boudoir session with Lindsay Carlisle Boudoir?

A: I wanted to regain my confidence. Also it’s the perfect gift for my fiance on our wedding night.

Bay Area_boudoir-photographer Los angeles_boudoir_photographer

Q: How did you feel in the days leading up to your session?

A: Excited but nervous.

Los angeles_boudoir_photography

Q: What was the actual session experience like for you? Were you nervous? How did you feel while being photographed?

A: I was nervous at first but Lindsay was so awesome my nerves just melted away.

san francisco_boudoir_photographer

San Francisco_Boudoir_photography

Q: Did having your boudoir photos taken help shape your ideas at all about self-love and body acceptance?

A: Yes I felt super sexy and it built up my confidence tremendously.

oakland_boudoir_photography California_boudoir_photographer san_jose_boudoir_photographer

Q: How do you feel now, the days or weeks following your boudoir session? Would you do it again?

A: FUCK YES!!!!!!!! I’d love to do another session.

We’re counting down the days beautiful…XO

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