San Francisco Boudoir

San Francisco Boudoir

I cannot say enough about this beautiful soul. Lizzi and I met in early 2017 in preparation for her boudoir session and hit it off like old friends. She is a dynamic warrior woman with a heart of gold and I just freaking adore her to pieces.

Lizzi’s boudoir session was almost a year and a half ago and she is still enjoying her images just as much as she did the first day she saw them. Here’s what she said just the other day in our Facebook Group: “Forever grateful for Lindsay Carlisle. All I have to do is look at my photos, and I am filled with pride, knowing that this gorgeous woman, is ME.”

Oh it’s all you darling. Read more of Lizzi’s boudoir session experience below:

Q: What made you want to schedule your boudoir session with Lindsay Carlisle Boudoir Studio?

A: I’ve always wanted to do this, but never thought I could pull it off….until I saw Lindsay’s photos. They’re so beautiful and classy, I knew she was the one to do my photo shoot.



Q: What were some of your biggest concerns about having your intimate photos taken?

A: My age and my body were my biggest concerns. I was 51 at the time of my photo shoot, and to be honest, I was worried how I would look. I have curves, cellulite, and let’s just say, gravity has taken hold of me………



Q: How did you feel the days leading up to your session?

A: I was nervous and excited at the same time. Thinking I was crazy for doing this, but that I’d be even more Crazy if I didn’t. I’m so glad I did!

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Q: What was the actual photo shoot experience like for you?

A: The day of my photo shoot was nothing short of incredible! Lindsay welcomed me with open arms, and was letting me know what was going to happen, as Ashlyn was doing my hair and makeup. This is when I realized I had forgotten most of my lingerie at home. Talk about panic! Once again, Lindsay put me at ease, assuring me that everything would work out just fine.

As we started the shoot, my nerves began to fade, before I knew it, I was completely naked, feeling like I’ve modeled my entire life. I have Never felt so Beautiful, and I Never want this feeling to end.



Q: How did you feel after leaving your photo session and the days/weeks following?

A: For the first time in my life, I feel Beautiful. This isn’t something I would ever say about myself, until now. Lindsay has shown me, what everyone else sees, and it is a wonderful feeling. My confidence has sky rocketed.

Now when I have a bad self image day, I open my gallery on my phone, and I am taken back to that day in February 2017.

What an incredible feeling, knowing I am Beautiful. I am Perfectly Imperfect

Thank You, Lindsay ♥️



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Q: What would you say to women who struggle with their body image and self-acceptance?

A: We all have flaws, certain things we don’t like about ourselves, but this shouldn’t stop us from loving ourselves, and knowing we are beautiful.
So if this is something that has been a dream of yours, Do It! You will not regret it, I promise!
And on those days you’re not feeling it, open up your mobile gallery, and that feeling will come rushing back tenfold.






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