I’ve been working on this NEW financing option for my boudoir studio. It’s super convenient and flexible and allows you to save for your boudoir photos little by little.

I’m excited to share that my studio now offers PRE-session payment plans on your boudoir collection!

sf bay area boudoir

My clients are starting to use these plans to put away an amount that is comfortable for them- on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Payments can be as low as $250 per month leading up to the day of your photo session.

Think of it as a layaway plan.

Because I believe in the healing power of boudoir, I’m doing everything I can to ensure that this experience is available and attainable to as many women as possible.

sf bay area boudoir

By investing a little bit each month toward your boudoir artwork, you’re making it so much easier on yourself by the day of your photo session. Then, you can truly enjoy your special day to the fullest- feeling sexy, confident, and connected to yourself and the experience.

Want more info on pre-session payment options? There are many! Reserve a phone date HERE to get all your questions answered.

sf bay area boudoir

And, while I have you here, enjoy our rave of the week:

“I cannot describe to you how awkward I am in photos, or having my photo taken. But between my decision to CELEBRATE my beautiful body instead of hating this beautiful one I have, and Lindsay’s easy going and encouraging way of taking photos… it was one of the best experiences of my life.

No joke.

The only other time I’ve ever been this proud of my body and myself, was when I gave birth to my three babies.”

sf bay area boudoir

Are you ready for this empowering experience? Let’s get started!

Much Love,