SF Bay Area Boudoir: Kini

SF Bay Area Boudoir: Kini

You know who are my favorite kinds of people? Beautiful souls like Kini- who jump at the chance for an adventure. Kini met me in New Mexico in April for her boudoir session at White Sands National Park. Having never met me before, she took a huge risk, hopped on a plane, and flew to New Mexico to have this once in a lifetime photo session experience.

Some of what Kini had to say post-boudoir session:

“I choose to live boldly and beautifully! I have struggled with body image issues my whole life and choosing to embrace this boudoir shoot was one of the most difficult and liberating experiences I have ever had. I feel stronger, more beautiful, more confident, and more deeply connected and honest with myself…I am moved to tears to finally be able to truly see the beauty that others see in me.”

Enjoy Kini’s gallery and interview below…




sf bay area boudoir


1. What made you want to schedule a boudoir session with Lindsay Carlisle Boudoir?

I have been working hard at overcoming the negative view of my body! I suppose as women, we all endure a level of insecurity. I have struggled with body image stuff my whole life. I have never been thin. Being an Asian woman, it is difficult to have curves because our cultural norm and view of beauty is small, petite, and thin. I have always felt different, ugly, fat, unwanted, and weird. I wanted to confront this fear head on and I heard great things about Lindsay and her ability to truly build comfort and easy in the boudoir experience.


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sf bay area boudoir photographer

2. How did you feel in the days leading up to your session?

I felt mostly excited!! I think the fact that did the shoot in nature, at a bucket list designation, and having a mini getaway for myself all helped. Lindsay was also incredibly helpful and responsive. She eased any anxiety or worry I had about what to expect. I think the biggest worry I had was, “how am I going to photograph naked or partially naked. I like how I look in clothes, but will it be the same with being in my skin?”


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san francisco boudoir photography

san francisco boudoir photographer

3. What was the actual session experience like for you? Were you nervous? How did you feel while being photographed?

The actual experience was so fun. Yes I was nervous especially because we were shooting in public and it was quite busy that day since it was a holiday weekend. When people stopped to watch, I tried to shift my frame of mind to think that maybe I would stop and watch as well. Not so much to be creepy, but the fascination and beauty of it all. It must be interesting to watch a nude/ partially nude shoot with props, outfits, and posing. I tried to embody what it would be like if I was truly a “model” and this was my craft. The experience of being photographed was interesting, I was mostly curious what Lindsay was seeing on the other side of the lens. I trusted her so even in the most awkward poses or positions that didn’t feel comfortable on my end, had a purpose. And she was right when I had the reveal. Nature and the earth is my sanctuary and I think it supported me and my experience as well. Feeling the sand under my skin actually made me safe.


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4. Did having your boudoir photos taken help shape your ideas at all about self-love and body acceptance?

I am still struggling with body acceptance and self-love, but it tore away a thick layer of it. I felt like I was able to shed and liberate myself from some of the negative views. I also felt like I accomplished something huge for myself, view of self, well being and choice to step into my femininity, beauty, and strength as a free woman. Sometimes I feel like being a woman, I am chained by views and expectations of society, and I felt a little bit more free. During the shoot, I felt free and happy.

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    Kini you are a Goddess!! I love your photos, it shows your true strength and beauty
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us

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