Showing Up Fearlessly Through Wardrobe

Showing Up Fearlessly Through Wardrobe

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There is nothing like dressing up in an outfit that makes you feel unstoppable – Whether that be your favorite robe, a sexy piece of lingerie, or a fantasy-like ensemble.

Let’s face it, the more confident you feel with what you are wearing, the more stunning you will look in your images. The camera loves confidence.

And while we do a damn good job of bringing out your confidence through our supportive posing instruction, it always helps to love what you have on. 

Sexy is absolutely a feeling that looks different for all of us. 

Which is why it’s so important to get really honest with yourself when shopping for your photo shoot. What kind of wardrobe lights you up?

It can be daunting enough to pick out clothing on the day to day that we feel empowered in.  But, when it comes to your boudoir session, it’s essential to put in the proper preparation and thoughtfulness with your wardrobe picks to set yourself up to thrive during shoot time.  

After all, you’ll be enjoying your photos for years…probably decades to come. It is essential to love what you’re wearing for your session!

But, don’t sweat it… you’re not in this alone.

Leading up to your session, my team and I will be guiding you through all of the wardrobe prep to make sure the only thing you have to do on session day is get into the zone.

In the mean time, I wanted to give you a little taste of how we approach wardrobe at the studio through our top three wardrobe tips to help you show up fearlessly to your shoot.  

Let’s get into it…

Tip #1: Play Dress Up

Did you ever play dress-up as a kid? I did, and those memories are the most vivid I have from my childhood.  

Why? Because I was having fun and not thinking about anything other than being present in my own little world.  

I also, unknowingly at the time, was tapping into my own personal style and authenticity through the clothing and accessories I chose when playing dress-up.

Dressing up for your boudoir session is exactly like how you played dress up as a child- only this time with more skin 😉  

So, when I say play dress up, I mean PLAY.  

Let go of any of the “should’s” surrounding wardrobe and instead focus on what lights you up and connects you to your inner goddess… because she is in there ready to shine!

If classic lingerie is your style, great. If it’s not, there are so many other options out there that are equally as beautiful.  

These images are for you and you should only pay attention to what you’re naturally drawn to without questioning yourself.  

I recommend trying a ton of things on before your session to get a sense of what feels right in your body and narrow it down from there.

I promise you’ll surprise yourself.

We looooove wardrobe that is extra. Nothing is too bold or out there and if you are doubting yourself, shoot us an email and we’d be happy to give you feedback.

Tip #2: Do a Closet Audit

One of the best ways to see what styles you’re authentically drawn towards is to go look in your closet right now.

You may not have specific pieces that you want to bring along to your session and that’s okay. I recommend getting new things anyway, however taking stock of what’s already in your personal archive can give you an idea of where to start.

Perhaps you see something that you forgot you owned and it sparks some inspiration… follow it!

Your current collection is also a great place to look for accessories and jewelry.  

Adding an elegant necklace or sentimental accessory can add so much character and story to your images.

There is no mold to fit into.  Trust your gut and be yourself.  

Tip #3: Dream Big

Gathering inspiration online is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.  

I suggest making a Pinterest mood board with all the outfits that you are drawn towards so you can see the styles you like in one place.  From there you can begin piecing your outfits together.  

Another source of inspiration is my Instagram page: @lindsaycarlisleboudoir.  

On my IG page you’ll see that some of my clients choose to go with more traditional lingerie while others wear unconventional pieces of clothing that express something more reflective of their story. 

Follow your gut reaction to things when gathering inspiration.  

If you see something that gets you excited but maybe is a bit out of your comfort zone, just give it a try. 

Showing up fearlessly, from the inside out, is something we can all benefit from doing whether you already have your next boudoir session on the books or are still thinking about taking the leap.

If you’re ready to learn more about your boudoir photo shoot in LA, Miami, or Tulum, and how we can customize it based on your own personal style, then schedule your phone consultation with our studio today! 

We’d love to guide you though this life-changing experience.

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