The Best Way to Celebrate your Mom

The Best Way to Celebrate your Mom

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Who doesn’t love celebrating their Mom in the best, most beautiful way possible. We know this last year has made it difficult to celebrate holidays, which is why we know it’s important to make it the best Mother’s Day imaginable. 

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There are so many incredible gifts to give your mom that will inspire her, celebrate her, and remind her how loved and valued she is. 

There is nothing I love more than pampering my mom! Encouraging her to take some time out for her and focus on developing her best self. After so many years of taking care of her kids, it’s time to remind her to take care of herself too. 

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Giving her the ability to focus on loving herself and building a life she loves, is so very important for me.

Which is why I typically spend time, energy, and money to make that a focus in her life. I have been so proud of my mom for focusing these last few years on just that- loving herself and developing a great self care routine that isn’t perfect, but is the foundation of success for her health and wellness. This can look so different for different people. It’s important to focus on developing your own special ways to manage your self care. 

I mean, “How often do you put yourself first? It is so important to take some moments to focus on you and what feels good physically, mentally, and spiritually- this helps raise your spirit and feel beautiful in your skin.” 

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With my own mom, I’ve decided to do something a little bigger than a SPA day. I’ve decided to gift her a Boudoir Session with Lindsay. Because IMHO, this is the perfect way to step outside of her comfort zone, celebrate her life, and build that courage and self love that she soooo deserves. It’s the icing on the cake; the topping to everything she has been working on!

My mom is so special to me. I want to remind her how beautiful and amazing she is. That she raised two incredible kids- on her own- and she deserves to spend time empowering herself and feeling pampered.

Being able to pick out some gorgeous new outfits and strutting out of her session is going to make her feel on top of the world. I’m so excited for her and can’t wait to see how amazing she’s going to feel and all of the insanely gorgeous photos that Lindsay will surely capture of her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our beautiful Moms out there! XO

p.s. Need info on our boudoir sessions for YOUR Mom? Schedule a call with us below to gift your Mom the gift of a lifetime.


Much Love,


Studio Manager

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