The Magic of Winter in Tulum

The Magic of Winter in Tulum

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With Tulum’s tropical climate, there is really no such thing as a bad time to visit.  In the summer and spring months, you’ll find 90°F sunshine and cooling rain showers while in the fall and winter months, temperatures drop to about 75°F and are far more predictable.  Each season has its own quirks and that’s part of Tulum’s charm that I’ve come to fall so deeply in love with.  

It’s these quirks that lead me to be more in-tune with myself and the nature that surrounds me and you’ll get a taste of this contagious energy when you come to visit during your boudoir shoot.

The weather in Tulum has a mind of its own in a lot of ways.  When I first moved here, I would be thrown off by the regular, unannounced rain showers or the intense heat in the summer months, but I soon embraced the mystical environment and let it teach me how to live with more ease and flow.

The winter months in Tulum, which range from November – March, are known as the “high season” because it’s when Tulum welcomes an influx of tourists, mainly those from America and Canada.  These tourists flock here during the high season because it’s when Tulum’s weather is most ideal for all the outdoor activities that Tulum is so widely known for.

There’s a certain magic in the air during these months because of the many bright souls that are here to celebrate all that Tulum has to offer.

When planning for your Tulum destination boudoir shoot itinerary, I can’t recommend enough taking full advantage of the incredible eco-activities that are on offer.  Especially the fully outdoor ones that may be too straining or uncertain to commit to in the summer months.

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So, I want to share with you, my favorite winter activities to do during the high season in Tulum:

  1. A Guided Walking Tour:  As touristy as it may sound, I love doing guided walking tours in new places to learn more about the history of an area and expose myself to things I never would come across on my own. Tulum has plenty of walking tour options such as this Local Walking Food Tour (yummy!) and this Chichen Itzá, Cenote, and Valladolid Day Trip.  I am always blown away by how much the tour guides in Tulum know about the stops on the tour (and more) and walking is a great way to familiarize yourself with all of Tulum’s idiosyncrasies. Most of the options will have indoor stops and refreshments planned out along the way as well.
  2. A SUP Yoga Excursion:  How fun does paddleboard yoga sound? A bucket list-worthy activity if you ask me.  Yoga in Tulum, specifically outdoor yoga, is always an amazing experience and on top of that, you’ll be doing it in some of the most gorgeous cenotes around.  SUP Yoga Tulum is a well-known company that offers weekly SUP yoga tours and excursions from their private cenote location in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve that they transport you to.  And don’t worry about falling in – the cenote water temperature holds at a comfy 72°F average year-round.
  3. Rent a Bike:  One of my favorite ways to get around in Tulum is on a bicycle.  It’s so refreshing to ride around town with the wind blowing through your hair.  Some prefer to use the local taxis or busses but during the high season, they can be overwhelmed with tourists and hike up their rates.  So, explore the bike option if it’s in your wheelhouse (pun intended – wink, wink).  Before scoping the rental companies online, I’d recommend asking your accommodation host if they have any in-house bike rentals available or partnerships with a nearby company.  I love planning out activities in-town or by the beach, like shopping, coffee shops, a yoga class, or a drink at the margarita bar, and biking from destination to destination. 
  4. Your Boudoir Shoot: Okay… Shameless plug here.  Like I mentioned before, there is no such thing as a bad time to visit for your boudoir shoot, as many of my past clients can attest to, but if you asked me when the most ideal time to come is, I’d have to say between November – March.
tulum mexico boudoir photography

“Lindsay is seriously the best!!! She is one of the most professional down-to-earth gal around. We easily connected, she didn’t make me feel like an idiot with any of my questions! She was honest and upfront about everything! From first meet coffee, the session, and even the reveal, she was so sweet and genuine.  I did notice a lot of photographers limit less than an hour, Lindsay did not she allowed at least 2 and since I brought a few extra things to play with she was all for it and captured it all not worried about going over at all.  I had the time of my life and my confidence skyrocketed with the images she captured! She is such a talented woman and get all my gratitude. 5 stars hands down!”

Want to know more about our boudoir sessions in Tulum?

The magic of Tulum is endless.  You will never run out of fabulous experiences to explore and things to see.  Whether you are ready to book your Tulum boudoir shoot or simply have questions about what to expect, I’d love to schedule a phone consultation with you to chat! 

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