The Morning of Your Tulum Boudoir Shoot

The Morning of Your Tulum Boudoir Shoot

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By the time you rise on the morning of your boudoir photo shoot in Tulum, you will have a good sense of the magical day that lies ahead of you.  Which means you’ll likely be equal parts nervous, excited, and joyful.

Before we meet for Hair and Makeup, you’ll have the morning to ease into the day and spend however you desire. And like all things, I encourage you to spend your morning in a way that feels natural, easeful and inspiring to set the tone for what’s to come.

Depending on your style, you may prefer to sleep in, grab some coffee on your way, and get right into the shoot. On the other hand, perhaps you are an early riser who wants to start your day with exploration, movement, and soul-filling sights.

No matter what kind of morning person you are, we’ve put together some of our favorite Tulum morning activities to give you some insight on how you could spend the hours leading up to your shoot… Tulum style 😉 

Keep in mind that, as with all time-zone travel, your sleep schedule may be a bit off. Rather than fighting that, this is a great time to listen to your body as it communicates with you.  That’s what we’re here for after all!

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Watch the Sunrise:

Watching the sunrise in Tulum is an unforgettable experience and one that will put you in the perfect mindset to move into session day with. Fortunately, Tulum faces east which means that the sunrise is visible from most oceanfronts.  

I love bringing a blanket, a journal, or a yoga mat to do a mindfulness practice after I gaze for a bit. The sunrises anywhere from 6:00 am – 7:30 am depending on what time of year we’re in so be sure to google the specific time the sun rises on your shoot date so you don’t miss it. 

Go on a Scenic Walk:

Walking is one of my favorite ways to bring movement into my day, especially when traveling and exploring a new environment.  Sometimes I’ll go on a walk with a particular destination in mind, like one of the coffee shops we’ve shared below, or I’ll just use my intuition to guide me.  Make sure that you lather on the SPF if you are going to spend your time outdoors…the Caribbean sun is extra strong!

Take a Meditation or Yoga Class:

Tulum is filled with world-class yoga studios, breathwork facilitators, and meditations that will have you walking into your shoot blissed out from head to toe. Just about every major hotel in Tulum offers yoga classes and other holistic practices. Check out our blog post, Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Body for more of our yoga studio recommendations. 

Visit a Coffee Shop:

To be completely honest, if you can stick to herbal tea on the morning of your shoot, I’d suggest doing so. Coffee can magnify those nerves and dehydrate you. However, the morning of your shoot is not the time to make any major shift in your diet to if you are hooked on coffee, like so many of us are, then, by all means, enjoy! Tulum has phenomenal coffee shops on nearly every corner to take advantage of.

My top picks are:

Mochiart Cafe

Paquino Tulum

Brew Tulum

Enjoy a Leisurely Breakfast:

You’ll likely break a sweat during your shoot so it’s important to be properly energized going into it. I can always tell when a client skipped breakfast because her energy crashes halfway into the poses and this can really shift the mood. Many are cautious to eat before their shoot because they want to look thinner in their photos but trust me… skipping this meal is going to do more harm than good. Enjoy a delicious, leisurely breakfast and you’ll be sooo glad you did.

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