The Scars We Carry

The Scars We Carry

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When embarking on their boudoir journeys, many of my clients mention their body insecurities right off the bat; whether that be an emotional scar with a deeply personal backstory, stretch marks, blemishes, or a part of their body they want to avoid documenting all together.   

I celebrate these brave souls for sharing their vulnerabilities with me because I understand how nerve racking it can be to entrust another person with something as deeply personal as having your photo taken.  

Through healing our insecurities, we are pressured time and time again to just move on or get over it when in actuality there is nothing to achieve or accomplish. 

We’ve been fed a false narrative that self-acceptance and healing is a destination when it is in fact a lifelong adventure where we reach the top of one beautiful mountain, soak up the view, and realize we are standing at the bottom of another.  

There is nothing wrong with having parts of ourselves that we haven’t fully embraced yet because we all carry scars, whether on our bodies or in our hearts, that make us who we are and require time, nurturing, and attention to fully cope with.

To force your comfort level would be neglecting these wounds all together…

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The beauty of boudoir is that we get to explore what it feels like to view mending our wounds as our superpower.  

One of the many ways we do this is during shoot time with the support of my posing direction, expert lighting, and image retouching.  

Posing Direction:

I’ve found that the empowerment that my clients take away from their shoot time lies in the space between poses.  As I snap away with my camera (and hype you up of course) your mind may slip back to feeling some of those “what if’s” that we are all too familiar with.  

However, as you stay present in the pose and continue to breathe through any negative thoughts that may arise, you will relax, get comfortable, and trust the magic that surrounds you.  

You will then get to see some of your images on the back of the camera and instantly feel a new level of healing that you will be reminded of every time you look back on your images.  

Expert Lighting:

Lighting is a key tool for softening skin tones as well as creating natural shadows to control what is and is not being highlighted in your images.  Once you get into each pose, I’ll assess the lighting to make sure it is creating the perfect silhouette for you.  I’ll then guide you through some slight angle shifts and posture adjustments that will absolutely transform the light in your images, allowing us to keep the focus on what you want to commemorate for years and years to come.

Image Retouching:

Each image that we create together is treated like the true masterpiece that it is which means that your final images will be professionally retouched.  Included in our retouching process is skin smoothing, color correcting, and any other slight fine-tuning needed.  

Because of the approach I take with posing and lighting throughout shoot time, only minor adjustments to your images are typically needed.  With that being said, some of my clients want to emphasize masking a scar or blemish and that can most definitely be taken care of for you.

I believe that we all deserve to feel safe, confident, and comfortable in every space that we enter and in my studio that is something you can count on regardless of where you are coming from or what you may be carrying when you walk through the door.

My goal is to create an outlet to remind you that you are never alone in your experiences and self-love journey.  

If you have been thinking about doing a boudoir session of your own and are ready to book or have questions about what your experience would look like, we would love to schedule a phone consultation (reserve here) with you to chat! 

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