The Therapeutic Benefits of Boudoir

The Therapeutic Benefits of Boudoir

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The therapeutic benefits of boudoir photography last far beyond the delivery of your final images.  This is because your boudoir shoot is about so much more than creating stunning keepsakes for yourself or your partner. 

Your boudoir shoot is a time to honor your body, express your sensuality, and celebrate your deepest desires, all while seeing yourself through the loving eyes of someone else.

Sounds pretty incredible, huh?

Similar to therapy, taking this vulnerable step outside of your comfort zone can be empowering with the support and guidance of a trusted professional, like your photographer.  In fact, as many of you know, before I began shooting boudoir photography I worked as a counselor. This background is most definitely something that has carried over to my work as a boudoir photographer.

To be completely honest, I never expected to be using my education as much as I do today in our sessions.  However, my background is the basis from which I approach my role as your photographer.

So, in this post, I want to share with you why that is by exploring the three main therapeutic benefits of our boudoir sessions…

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1.) Honoring Your Body:

Your body is divine.  It can carry you through a lifetime, it can move, it can dance, and express love.  Our bodies are incredible.  It can be hard to disconnect from society’s standards of beauty.  But when we do so, we can honor the unconditional worthiness we possess.  

Maybe you are above your ideal weight, have skin that doesn’t look like it used to, or body parts that you would happily redesign if given a magic wand.  Fortunately, you are beautiful and worthy right now.  Regardless of the pre-conceived flaws that you have absorbed from the world around you.

Your boudoir experience will show you how to break the mold you’ve been seeing yourself through and honor your body unconditionally.  

“The body is an instrument which only gives off music when it is used as a body. Always an orchestra, and just as music traverses walls, so sensuality traverses the body and reaches up to ecstasy.” Anaïs Nin

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2.) Expressing Your Sensuality:

When most people think of boudoir they just think ‘sexy photos’.  Oftentimes that idea of ‘sexy’ is associated with trying to be perceived as sexually desirable rather than expressing a deep goddess-like sensuality from within.

To me, sensuality is something that we express when we are tuned into ourselves, listening to our desires, and are owning our inner power.  When we create your images from this place, it’s inevitable that they are going to be sexy.  This is because they are a reflection of you in your most whole and empowered state.

During your boudoir journey, we will be encouraging you to tune into your sensuality every step of the way.  We do this by using things like bold wardrobe lookshair & makeup, and your shoot location to express this side of yourself.

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3.) Celebrating Your Deepest Desires:

Having desires is a natural, human tendency.  When we celebrate and act on our desires, we can learn to trust ourselves. In turn, we become more confident and at peace with who we are.  When we ignore our desires, we begin to harbor shame and resentment.

Your boudoir shoot is a safe space to practice actualizing the inner desires that may be circulating through your head.  Like many things, this looks different for everyone.  

Perhaps your desire to heal past trauma by reclaiming yourself.  Or perhaps you want to experiment with edgy wardrobe pieces that are out of your comfort zone.  

There are endless ways to celebrate your true self before, during, and long after your photoshoot takes place. 

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Ready to Fall in Love With the Woman in the Mirror?

The first step to booking your boudoir shoot is to reserve a complimentary phone consultation with our studio.  

During your call, we’ll walk you through what to expect, answer any questions you may have, and get you booked for your shoot if you’re ready.

P.s. In the meantime, check out our most recent work on Instagram (view here)!  Give us a follow and slide into those dm’s to say hey! We’d love to connect 🙂

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