These Bonuses Will Elevate Your Boudoir Shoot

These Bonuses Will Elevate Your Boudoir Shoot

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Our collection bonuses are designed to help you elevate your boudoir photo shoot.  Because, with our bonuses you will gain access to exclusive experiences, outfits, and products that will make your journey all that more special.

All of our bonuses are high-value (up to $1,000 and beyond) add-ons that you will get to pick from when you pre-purchase your desired collection 60 days or more in advance.

Learn more about how to unlock our bonuses here.

Our current list of bonuses ranges from a mani/pedi (compliments of your boudoir studio!), beauty portraits, 50% off your next boudoir session (In Tulum, MX or Los Angeles), and many more. 

On top of that, our list of bonuses is rotating.  This means we update our available add-ons regularly.  So, as a returning client, there are endless ways to individualize your boudoir photo shoot.

In this post, we are featuring TWO of our highest value bonus options: 

They are the Velvet Mini Album and an Additional Outfit Change.

Let’s get into these bonuses!

Boudoir Photo Shoot Bonuses

The Velvet Mini Album

The Velvet Mini Album is a 5×5″ velvet-covered album that contains your favorite images in a purse-sized piece designed for on-the-go sharing and viewing of your photos. Our albums feature remarkable archival pages that have a lustre finish.  This finish adds a subtle sheen to your photos that makes all the important details shine through.

Like all of our albums, the Velvet Mini is a lay-flat album.  Meaning, that the seam between pages in a full spread won’t break up the images themselves.  This is super impactful when you have a full horizontal shot that you want to feature (pictured below!).

Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

This album makes the sweetest gift to yourself or a partner.  As a gift to yourself, this product can be used as a travel album for your car, office, or suitcase.  On the other hand, gifting your mini album to your partner allows you to keep your full-sized album allllll to yourself 😉 And, your partner will be thrilled to have a little piece of your divine beauty to carry around with them.

As one of our highest value bonuses, the Velvet Mini Album is reserved as an exclusive add-on for our top two collections: The Signature Collection and The Queen CollectionYou can learn more about our collections by booking an obligation-free phone consultation with the studio:

Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

An Additional Outfit Change

Adding an additional outfit to your photo shoot means that you will be photographed in four (4) outfits rather than our standard three (3) outfits.  It’s my hope that you are so inspired by exploring different wardrobe pieces that adding this bonus to your boudoir shoot is a no-brainer!  

With an additional wardrobe change, you’ll have an extra opportunity to incorporate really out of the box ideas- or some of our most popular such as body chains, harnesses, nude in the sheets and so much more.

los angeles boudoir photographer

Want to Learn More About a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

During your phone consultation we will talk through what you are looking to get out of your session, what you can expect before during and after session day, and, if you decide to move forward, we’ll select your session date:

After you reserve your session, we will be sending you some important prep & inspiration materials to help you feel 100% confident leading up to session day. 

We’re always here to answer ANY and all questions and concerns you may have.  We can be reached via email at

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