Tips for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Tips for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

20 Tips for my Boudoir Photography Clients

Want to know how to feel 100% ready for your boudoir photo shoot? We’ve laid out all the most important things to keep in mind pre-session.

Follow these tips to help relax into your boudoir photo shoot, see how the nerves melt away and allow yourself to enjoy your experience with us.

Let us know which in comments is the most helpful!

Here are my top 20 tips to help you prepare for your boudoir photo shoot with confidence and ease:

  1. Stretch- we are asking your body to bend, twist and hold some strange positions for much longer than it normally would. Be kind to your body and help prevent soreness post photo shoot.
  2. Absolutely can’t narrow down your wardrobe choices to just 3? Then bring everything you’re considering. We’ll narrow down together while you’re getting pampered with hair and makeup.
  3. Visit my Pinterest boards for inspiration on posing and wardrobe. Pin images that inspire you and be sure to share them with me prior to your boudoir session.
  4. Understand that the boudoir experience IS a first for most people- and that it’s perfectly normal to be nervous.

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  1. Stop worrying about how to “look sexy”- it’s my job to bring it out of you with posing instruction and guidance. I will never ask you to “look sexy” for the camera.
  2. Don’t try to mold yourself into what you think boudoir should be. We love to customize our sessions, taking them outdoors in the desert, the jungle, and incorporating out of the box, edgy boudoir wardrobe. Lace lingerie and stiletto heels aren’t for everyone. Your personal style should shine through. This is a celebration of you, after all.
  3. Do your research. If you work with another boudoir photographer, do they have a large portfolio? Do they specialize in boudoir? How much posing instruction do they provide? What do past clients say about them? Check reviews ALWAYS.
  4. Get a mani/pedi. A little color on your nails goes a long way and you might be surprised how often your nails make it into the shots. Pamper yourself pre-session and visit your local nail salon.

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  1. Get into the zone pre-session. Walk around naked or in your chosen lingerie at home, light candles, take a bath, take sexy selfies, practice positive affirmations, dance, practice yoga, and remind yourself the ONLY person you’re truly doing this for is you!
  2. Have fun! Be prepared to have an incredible time during your boudoir shoot. You’ll feel empowered, alive and rejuvenated while having a blast with fellow empowered women (myself and my hair and makeup artist;). Nerves will try to talk you out of this experience, but remembering why you booked your session is key to experiencing all the benefits that will come with it.
  3. Know that boudoir is for every size. Do not feel shame for your size, nor feel the need to “warn” us that you are on the curvier side. We’ve had every size and shape come through the studio and we celebrate all body types.

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  1. Reach out to us if you have questions on wardrobe. Read through our past posts on Edgy Boudoir and Unique Boudoir Wardrobe.
  2. Read the prep guide! I’ve designed our prep guide to help answer all the things you might be wondering about once you book your session. It will help ease your mind and make your session day a total breeze.
  3. Want something different? Just ask. You might be surprised by what we have photographed before. Food play, bondage, sexy couple’s sessions, blindfolds, naked yoga poses, full nude sessions, classic Hollywood glamour, handcuffs, destination sessions, the list goes on.
  4. Don’t be shy to talk about pricing and payment plans. Your boudoir photo purchase is an investment- it’s important to know and understand what your options are.

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  1. Join the Facebook group for community support. So many of our past clients are in this group and they love to share their experience and inspire each other. When in doubt, simply post to the group if you have a specific question or concern. Or even if you need advice from past clients!
  2. Commit to self-love. Even when you don’t feel like it. Even when you think life is not on your side. Especially when you feel like life is not on your side. Sometimes the best time to have your boudoir experience is during the harder times. Commit to picking yourself up and allow yourself to awaken to the possibility that you can learn to love yourself more.
  3. Share your ideas with me. I have a TON of poses I like to draw from for each session, but I’ll always customize my sets based on my client’s body type, wardrobe, perceived comfort level with more risque poses, flexibility and several other factors. Have something special you want to try that you saw online? We’ll never copy another photographer’s work, but we will use other sources as inspiration from time to time. If you want to try that naked handstand you saw on Pinterest, I am sooo down 😉

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  1. No drinking alcohol the night before your photo session! Not only could one glass too many jeopardize your sleep, but it will also leave you with a less than dewy complexion or even blotchy skin and tired eyes. Not sexy babe. Save the champagne for after your session- you’ll feel like celebrating!
  2. ONLY share that you’re having your photos taken with those who you know will be supportive. Last thing you need is a friend or loved one judging you for wanting sexy photos of yourself. Some people just don’t get it…so be sure to protect your energy and save your excitement for those who you trust will be nothing but supportive.

Hope these boudoir session tips help you to feel more confident and at ease. As always, we’re here for you every step of the way. Let us know in the comments which ones you found most helpful:)

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