Tricks to our Most Loved Boudoir Poses

Tricks to our Most Loved Boudoir Poses

Want to know exactly how we nail these most-requested poses in the studio? I’m letting you in on my some of my lil secrets and sharing the most crucial tricks to capturing these boudoir poses with ease.

Now I’m not going to lie, some of these require some extra effort and I will push you to stretch further at times than what you might be comfortable with (without inflicting pain of course).  Just remember that you are coming in for your boudoir session for a reason- likely that reason is to push yourself to do something amazing and outside of your comfort zone. Remember to stretch before your session, follow my lead (I personally demo most of the poses for you), listen intently and you’ll be rocking these like a pro.

So, how exactly do we create these images from a posing standpoint?  Let this guide serve as a great head start on your boudoir experience. I hope you’ll practice these at home and get in the zone for your session.

Here we go…


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  1. It may not look it, but this is one of the more difficult poses that we try in studio. What I’ll ask you to do here is support yourself on your elbows on the edge of the bed while hovering your booty over the floor and balancing on your toes. We really want your butt to just be hovering over the floor which helps elongate your torso. bring your elbows as close to your torso as possible- this gives you more height to raise your chest to the ceiling. arch your back and let your head fall all the way back with zero strain in the neck. Close your eyes and breathe through your mouth.  This pose usually takes 2 or more tries before we nail it so don’t feel bad if you struggle here.  I myself even have difficulty demonstrating this one 😉

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2. this pose resembles the “fish pose” in yoga in the sense that we are resting on the crown of our head and supported by our elbows. no weight is on the head here! It’s all in the elbows.  Arms are slightly extended and bent so that we can reach our body.  We always want our hands engaged somewhere on or around our body. One thing I love about this pose is how it brings out the definition in our upper arms so beautifully- this is a result of both engaging our arms here and the direction of light we choose to work with in this pose. We also arch the back here, bring our feet in as close to the butt as possible, toes pointed and heels up.  Easy Peezy!

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3. We looove our booty poses in the studio. Here we have you start on your knees and elbows.  Then we stretch your left arm forward and have you rest your head on the inside of that arm.  This creates a gorgeous curve in the back. The butt is over the knees here. Most people find this one to be a nice stretch and are comfortable holding here as I work around them from different angles.

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4. This one is so simple yet pretty damn fine! All I ask you to do here is lie on your stomach, legs straight and feet together.  then I ask you to press your knees into the bed.  The more you press the higher the booty goes- even better if you can inch your knees toward your belly button (not recommended if you have lower back issues). I call this pose “Booty Pop”. It can give beautiful shape to even the flattest of booties 😉

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5. Bam! This is one of my most requested poses and for good reason. This pose is super flattering and looks great on all body types. It is a statement pose for sure and It does take some extra effort, so let’s walk through how we get you into this so you can try it out on your own pre-session!

First we start you flat on your back with your knees bent. Next we have you come up to your elbows, keeping them as close to the torso as possible. Really inch them in there.  Again, this gives you more height to raise your chest to the ceiling.  A good back arch is key in this pose so I will push you to go beyond what you might think is enough here. We want as much space as possible between the surface you are on and your lower back. Bring your feet in as close to your butt as possible, up on your toes, and staggered feet. Bring your hands to your rib cage, Keep your chest raised and back arched. Drop your head back, close your eyes, and breathe. This is another pose that often takes a couple tries to achieve. More than worth it!

So that is it my dears- some of the tricks we use in the studio to help ease you into these poses. I promise you that you ARE capable of getting yourself into these and I’m always there to guide you through it.  Now get into your playful, sexy zone and test these out. You’ll be feeling ready for your boudoir session in no time.



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