Tulum Boudoir Wardrobe Shopping Guide

Tulum Boudoir Wardrobe Shopping Guide

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One of the most exciting parts about planning for your Tulum Boudoir Photo Shoot is shopping for your dream wardrobe pieces.  

There are endless options for how you can channel your inner goddess through wardrobe and we love being there to guide you through the process of turning your visions into a reality.  And, if you don’t have a clear vision for how you want to dress for your Tulum shoot, shopping is a great way to begin gathering inspiration!

So, whether you have a Tulum photo shoot on the calendar or are curious about doing one in the future, this post is for you 😉 We are going to share different types of wardrobe pieces that we recommend exploring for your photo shoot and direct links to shop.

Let’s go shopping, Babe!

P.s… If you’re interested in learning more about doing a photo shoot in Tulum, please use the button below to book a phone consultation with the studio:

“My Tulum Boudoir photo session w/ Lindsay was amazing. I appreciated her patience and direction and insight. My photos results are breathtaking.” – N.H.

Tulum boudoir photography


Wearing a body chain for your Tulum shoot is like a queen wearing her crown.  It’s regal, powerful, and commands admiration.  If you are drawn to body chains, I recommend bringing one to your photo shoot. They can be layered over other pieces or worn alone for tasteful nude (or partial nude) photos.  View more of our Tulum body chain recommendations in this past blog post (click here).

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Two pieces are the perfect fit for your Tulum photo shoot.  They compliment the tropical environment that you will be surrounded by and turn you into a jungle goddess.  

Another reason that two pieces are a great option for your photo shoot in Tulum is that they help elongate your figure.  Because we will be doing some statement, full-body poses, having that elongation is going to help bring more elegance into your photos.

Two pieces pair very nicely with layered body chains and jeweled accessories (scroll on for our accessory recommendations!). 

Tulum Photo Shoot Wardrobe
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Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 10.31.23 AM
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Draping yourself in an ethereal dress or skirt will empower you to muse over your figure.  And, these fuller coverage pieces are a nice way to ease into your photo shoot while creating images that you may be more comfortable sharing with friends, family, or on social media.  View more of our dress and skirt set recommendations in this past blog post (click here).

Tulum Boudoir Wardrobe
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Destination Boudoir Photography in Tulum, MX
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The woman in your images should be the fullest expression of yourself and accessories can help us bring her to the surface.  Accessories can be layered with any of your outfits or worn as statement pieces in fully nude photographs. 

The more bling, the better, right?!

Boudoir Wardrobe Ideas
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Tulum Boudoir Photo Shoot Wardrobe
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Boudoir Wardrobe Accessories
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If you are interested in learning more about booking a boudoir photo shoot in Tulum, MX or LA, please schedule a 15-20 minute initial phone consultation with us using the link below.  During your phone consultation, we’ll chat through your vision for your images and get a date on the calendar:


– Hair and makeup with lashes

– 3 wardrobe changes

– 2 hours of photography

– Expert posing instruction

– Fine art image retouching

– An empowering experience that will forever change the way you see yourself

** Payment plans are easy, customized and can be arranged at the time of making your reservation with us.

Can’t wait to chat with you! 

Much Love, 


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