Tulum IS Magical: Here’s Why

Tulum IS Magical: Here’s Why

No doubt about it, Tulum is a special place.

I felt it the first time I vacationed here in 2017 and frankly, before arriving to Tulum I barely gave that trip any thought.

There was zero explanation as to why I chose Tulum for that trip, no researching best places to spend the new year, and not even any consideration of going elsewhere.

I just had this gut feeling that I wanted to be there.

Our gut never lies, so I went with it.

Less than 2 years later I found myself unable to ignore the pull to this place, uprooted my entire life in California like a total loca and moved to Tulum where I knew next to no one.

tulum boudoir photographer

It was a big, bold move, but I knew I had to be a part of Tulum.

Sure it’s super trendy and where all the cool kids go and yessss the word “magical” gets thrown around constantly to describe the place (guilty and also, it IS), but there truly is something powerful about Tulum and the entire Riviera Maya.

And it’s probably not what you think.

Tulum’s beauty is undeniable and with multiple ancient Mayan ruins sites surrounding the town, there is a very high vibrational energy field that is literally pulling healers and free spirits from all over the world to it’s paradise for cleansing, healing and spiritual growth.

Turns out Tulum is one of the few areas on earth that is situated IN this energy vortex and that it’s within this epic energetic field that deep healing and inspiration happens. Hence, why people are drawn to these places and why they often don’t want to and sometimes physically can’t bring themselves to leave.

That same powerful energy vortex is present in places throughout the world where ancient ruins sit, such as StoneHenge and Macchu Picchu, amongst other popular destinations that people gravitate to like Bali and Sedona.

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That healing energy vortex? It is a real, scientific phenomenon, and it’s likely why you and I, in whatever form you’re experiencing, are being pulled to visit Tulum for any period of time.

Curious to know more about this energetic vortex phenomenom? This fascinating article describes it all. Check to see how many of these sites across the planet you’ve traveled to and then get planning your next healing journey for 2020.

See you in Tulum amigos…

Much Love,


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