Tulum Style Wardrobe

Tulum Style Wardrobe

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If you are thinking of booking a Tulum Boudoir Shoot, it goes without saying that you’ll need some impactful wardrobe pieces to help showcase the goddess within you.

With Tulum’s entrancing atmosphere, jungles, and beaches; the surroundings in your images will communicate so much story and essence for you.  

Adding in pieces that speak to who you are helps us to capture you in your sensual, soulful essence while surrounded by one of the most beautiful places on earth.

With that being said, we want to make sure that you, without a doubt, remain the center of attention in every photograph and don’t get lost in the landscape.

 As someone who has a deep deep respect for nature, I love when my clients choose wardrobe pieces that are in harmony with their environment – which tend to be pieces that are a little more exotic than our in-studio session looks.

We wanted to share some of our most adored wardrobe styles for our Tulum boudoir sessions to give you a sense of how some of our past clients have used wardrobe to embody and empower their divine feminine side. 

The images we create together in Tulum are truly works of art – I hope you enjoy exploring these images and keep in mind that your photo session is all about expressing yourself so don’t try to fit into any box here.  

I love hearing new ideas from my clients and helping them bring their visions to life so feel free to share any ideas you have with us – We would love to hear them! Reserve a phone consultation to connect about a boudoir session with us.

Tulum Boudoir Photographer

Jeweled Bikinis:

I am so obsessed with jeweled bikinis for our sessions and have most definitely begun wearing my sets as an every occasion swimsuit… no shame!

Jewel tones compliment Tulum’s stunning emeralds and turquoises so beautifully and help illuminate your body by reflecting the light back to the camera.

For our Tulum sessions, a jeweled bikini set is comparable to a bra and panty set for our in-studio sessions.  They are an absolute staple item that can be warn solo or paired with other accessories. 

Tulum Boudoir Photographer

Body Chains & Jewelry:

Wearing body chains and jewelry in Tulum is dreamy because it creates a natural bohemian look that is so fitting for the destination. 

They are also a great way to capture artistic nude portraits while adding dimension and character to your images.  

Most of the time, after a few shots we’ll drop the jewels and get a few fully nude shots in.

If you are not comfortable being fully exposed, body chains and jewelry can be layered over a bikini or lingerie for added comfort. 

tulum photographer

Sheer Coverups: 

Talk about goddess type energy!

A sheer dress or skirt coverup creates a impactful and elegant look that is to die for.  

These pieces can be worn overtop a lingerie piece, with bathing suit, or even topless. 

Tulum photographer

Jeweled  Lingerie:

If you can’t tell yet – In my opinion… the more jewels, the better.

If it is your style, having a jeweled lingerie bodysuit (or a few) with you in Tulum is such a great idea because they are one of the most versatile wardrobe options.

We can capture so many different poses in these pieces and they are flattering yet allow us to keep the focus on you and your surroundings. 

Tulum boudoir photo shoot

Beach Dresses:

There is something so alluring about making a piece as commonplace as a beach dress look sexy.

Especially when we can get a little wet and seeing what kind of magic we create together.

Chances are you already have something like this in your closet!

You are never too big, too small, too old, too young to do a boudoir session.  

The women in these images are JUST like you only they had lots of guidance and their own personal hype squad (aka my team and I) cheering them on from the other side of the camera. 

Ready to book a Tulum boudoir session? Or a photo shoot in Los Angeles?  

Book your phone reservation with us using the link below and we’ll walk you through what to expect, answer any questions you may have, and select your date if you’re ready.

With love, 


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