Utah Desert Boudoir Shoot

Utah Desert Boudoir Shoot

This was Brooke’s second Utah boudoir session with me and I just adore this woman! Her tenacity and commitment to rise to her best self, using boudoir photography as one of the means to achieve this, is so inspiring. Much love to you Brooke.

Enjoy her post-photo shoot interview and gallery below:

Q: What made you want to schedule your boudoir session with Lindsay Carlisle Boudoir?

A: I worked with Lindsay in 2017 under a model contract and absolutely fell in love with her images and professionalism. During the summer of 2018 I had some personal experiences that hit me hard and made me fall out of love with myself. I couldn’t find a local photographer who I trusted to help me build my confidence up. Then Lindsay posted that she was doing sessions again on the Salt Flats here in Utah and I kept feeling this pull toward signing up so I could take a step into finding myself again. I fought and fought on signing up then eventually took the plunge and committed to shooting.

miami boudoir photographer miami boudoir photographer


Q: What were some of your biggest concerns about having your intimate photos taken?

A: Between 2018 and my last session I fell out of love with myself. I went through a divorce, chopped every inch of my hair off and gained way more weight then I have ever been use to. I was worried about seeing myself and hating what the camera showed I had become. I was afraid to wear lingerie or be uncovered since I started hiding myself under clothing.

edgy outdoor miami boudoir edgy outdoor miami boudoir


Q: How did you feel the days leading up to your session?

A: I was extremely nervous to be in front of the camera after so long. After modeling for almost ten years, I felt like I had no clue what to do in front of the camera. I actually fought to not cancel my appointment because I wasn’t sure if I could successfully go through with it.

miami boudoir photographer miami boudoir photographer miami boudoir photographer


 Q: What was the actual photo experience like for you?

A: Lindsay was amazing during my shoot! She helped me pose and continued to reassure me that I was doing amazing and that they photos were turning out perfect. I could feel my fears being washed away with each click of the camera.

miami boudoir photographer


Q: How did you feel after leaving your photo session and the days/weeks following?

A: I’ll be honest here, I completely broke down after finishing my shoot. I cried and cried and let myself feel the healing that I was searching for. After my shoot I felt rejuvenated. I was ready to face the demons I had been facing and began to accept myself for who I was, not who I was made to be all those years I was suffering. After this session with Lindsay I stopped hiding behind baggy clothing, I started reminding myself that it doesn’t matter what number is on the scale, all that matters is I am happy and healthy.

miami boudoir photographer miami boudoir photographer


Q: What would you say to women who struggle with their body image and self-acceptance?

A: The only person who matters is you. Nobody else can tell you what is healthy or perfect for you other than yourself. You know your body more than anyone else does, or ever will. Stop listening to the voices of the world, and start listening to the voice of yourself. Nobody else can make you happy, happiness comes from within. You are your own worse critic! You will always see something wrong with yourself, even if you are the perfect cover model on a magazine, there will always be something you find wrong. Learn to accept yourself for who you are and always, always do the things that scare you. A boudoir shoot is the scariest, most awarding thing you can do for yourself. Get the pictures, I promise it will be 100% worth it.

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