We’re Planning Your Romantic Evening In

We’re Planning Your Romantic Evening In

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What does romance mean to you?  To me, romance is an alluring, mysterious feeling that takes place within an intimate relationship. It’s a thrilling, sensual feeling that connects us to our divine, soulful nature.

For years, I only thought of romance as something that was felt with another person. Although experiencing romance with a partner is indescribably beautiful, the most intimate relationship we have is with ourselves. When we nurture this connection, we are in turn deepening our sense of self-love and our ability to experience intimacy with others. 

A huge part of creating a sense of romance is tuning into our bodies by feeling comfortable and engaging our senses.  

One of my favorite ways to celebrate some self-romance is to spend an evening cooking, curating a mood, and practicing some self-love.

I’m planning you a romantic evening in to share what I mean…

Follow this evening plan prepare to be feeling the romantic feels all night long!  

I also want to note – the way I view romance, intimacy, and tuning in to my body are things that may look entirely different for you. So, feel free to alter this evening plan to match your preferences and interests!

Let’s jump in…

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Your Romantic Evening In:

On the Menu:  

Cooking is a sensory experience that is pretty romantic if you ask me. I love to cook things that are elegant and simplistic… which is why I chose to base tonight’s menu off of French cuisine.

I know that not all of us love to be our own chef… so, there is no shame in ordering in. If I am going to order in, I love tacos, Thai food or Indian but of course, do what feels most exciting to you.

If you are ready to get your hands dirty in the kitchen, here are our menu suggestions:

 – Appetizer:  Up first we’ve got a charcuterie board.  As someone who switches up my diet from time to time, charcuterie boards are great because you can swap out, add, or subtract ingredients and it just makes things more interesting.  To be honest, when cooking for myself, I always make my appetizer first and eat it as I cook the rest of the meal… I just can’t help it.

 – Dinner: For dinner, try this easy ratatouille recipe that can be made in 30 minutes!  Ratatouille is one of those dishes that sounds intimidating to make but it’s quite simple.  Plus, ratatouille keeps well in case you have some leftovers.

 – Dessert:  If you’re feeling adventurous, I recommend this classic creme brulee recipe.  If you want to keep things simple, pick up some madeleines and vanilla ice cream.

– Wine Pairing: A French Shiraz (a red wine) is a classic ratatouille pairing. Some other suggestions that would complement our savory dinner would be an Italian Chianti (also red) however if you prefer a white, try a Sauvignon Blanc.


Curating the Mood:  

Time to engage all those senses.  The vibe for this evening is relaxed romance.  Think slow dancing in the kitchen (yes, solo!), watching the sunset, and golden candlelight.

– Playlist:  I am a sucker for a well-curated playlist.  I mean, who isn’t?!  This Spotify playlist (view here) makes my soul sing… give it a listen.

Scents: For a grounding complementary scent, try this Palo Santo + Sage Candle (view hereby Orchid + Ash.  Their candles are eco-conscious, sustainably sourced, 100% natural… plus, if you’re a candle connoisseur like I am, they have a monthly candle subscription that is pretty dreamy!  If you prefer incense, I adore Maroma’s Patchouli scent (view here).


Evening Activities:  

Here are some suggestions to help wind down your evening 🙂

– Movie: Midnight in Paris 

– Try one of our at-home self-care rituals: View here

– Reads: All About Love by Bell Hooks 

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Ready to dive even deeper into self-love?

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We can’t wait to have you in the boudoir studio.

Much Love, 


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