What Makes Tulum Our Healing Vortex

What Makes Tulum Our Healing Vortex

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People from across the globe flock to Tulum each year to access both its traditional and new-age healing offerings.  In fact, the vast array of healing modalities offered in Tulum is what inspired me to pack up my life in the SF Bay Area years ago, and move here full-time.

Although Tulum has grown rapidly as a tourist destination in recent years, its history suggests that there is something significant about the location that has made it a hub for spiritual beings for many centuries.  For example, the historic Muyil Ruins (settled in 300 B.C.) were used as a location for worshiping of gods and goddesses by the Mayan people.  

I highly suggest that you plan to visit the nearby historic ruins and cultural sights when you visit for your boudoir photo shoot.  As a result, your eyes will be opened to Tulum’s deeply spiritual roots. 

View our suggested Tulum Travel Itinerary here to explore our recommended historic sights and ceremonies.

In addition, I recommend immersing yourself in the different healing modalities that Tulum has to offer.  You will return from your trip feeling like a whole new woman. 

Here Are My Favorite Healing Activities in Tulum:

Tulum Destination Photo Shoot

Sound Healing:

Sound healing works with the vibrations of sound to help balance your nervous system, relax your muscles, and restore memory.  There are various ways that sound healing is done.  Often times, it’s done in a group setting with singing bowls and various instruments.  However, it can also be done privately for a more customized experience.  In Tulum, you will find sound baths, private sound healings, and even sound retreats.  

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Yoga studios, retreats, and ashrams are found all over Tulum’s town zone.  Furthermore, many hotels offer yoga classes throughout the week to their guests.  So, look into that if you are staying in the hotel zone of Tulum.  Yin and vinyasa yoga are the most common styles of yoga in Tulum.  Both of these styles are deeply restorative and help us become more grounded and connected to nature.  Plus, yoga is a great way to loosen your muscles and stretch before your boudoir session!

Learn more about the connection between boudoir and yoga, as well as our yoga studio recommendations in Tulum.

Tulum Healing Ceremony

Cacao Ceremonies:

These are traditional Mayan ceremonies that connect participants to their inner selves through cacao’s heart-opening properties.  This form of healing is recommended for people who want to become more clear about who they are, make important decisions, and connect to inner guidance.  During the ceremony, a trained guide will lead you through intention setting, sipping the cacao, and often times, sound healing.

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Tantra Healing:

Tantra, also described as sacred sexuality, is a practice of moving sexual energy throughout the body for healing, transformation, and enlightenment.  This practice is offered for groups and privately, and is for individuals and couples.  There are various ways to do tantra healing, but the most common is through a combination of meditation, movement, and breathwork.  Tantra is an opportunity to explore your sensuality and unlock a greater sense of pleasure. 

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Womb Healing:

The womb is the seat of our deepest wisdom and creativity.  Over time, our womb space can hold on to stagnant energy due to various emotional and physical traumas.  Womb healing uses meditation, mantra, herbs, and other healing modalities to clear the  trauma and restore your womb space to its pure state.  In Tulum, you will find womb healing retreats, group healings, and private healing sessions. 

Destination Boudoir Photography in Tulum, MX


Doing a boudoir session is a radical act of self-care that helps you step out of your comfort zone and push through your long-held fears associated with sexuality, sensuality, body acceptance, or self-love and into a more whole, healed version of yourself.  As a trained counselor, I am fully equipped to guide you through this experience in a way that is vulnerable, yet empowering.  Your destination boudoir session will shift the way you see yourself forever. 

Learn more about my approach to boudoir photography as healing. 

Tulum boudoir photo shoot

Ready to Visit the Healing Vortex of Tulum for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot?

The first step to booking your photo shoot in Tulum, MX, or Downtown LA is to schedule an information phone call with the studio. 

During our call, we will talk through what our studio offers, hear what you are looking for, and book your photo shoot if you are ready. 

We offer payment plans, collection bonuses, and more.

We can’t wait to get to know you, Love. 

Much Love, 


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