What NOT To Bring | San Francisco Boudoir

What NOT To Bring | San Francisco Boudoir

So you’ve booked your boudoir session and your shoot is fast approaching. You might be feeling anxious and wondering whhhhyy you thought you could pull this off. “Am I crazy for doing this?” I’ll never look like all those gorgeous women on Lindsay’s website.”

Ok first of all, stop talking to yourself like that.

You’re not crazy. You are just READY for an empowering experience and to step out of your comfort zone. Which requires guts- and big, bold moves.

Booking your session may feel crazy because you just signed up to take your clothes off and get in front of a stranger’s camera. Soon though, we won’t be strangers at all- we’ll be fast friends. You’ll see 😉

You won’t look like those women, it’s true. You will look like YOU. This is who we are capturing on the day of your photo session. We aren’t celebrating any other woman (man or couple) on the day of your shoot. Just your beautiful, bad ass self! So please, stop talking yourself into failure.

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Secondly, trust that I’ve got you in this. I’ve been doing this for years, have photographed hundreds of women of all sizes, and I know exactly how to make each and every woman look her best, whether she’s a size 2 or 22.

Now, there are a few things I will advise you to avoid for your photo shoot. For ultimate boudoir session success, please leave these 3 things at home:

Alcohol- Yep, I used to serve champagne during my shoots. Then I realized that even though the buzz was fun and aided in the celebration of my client’s sessions, it contradicted the bigger picture of why my clients were having their photos taken in the first place…which was to love and celebrate themselves exactly as they are. Nervous, courageous, excited, and everything in between.

We want you to feel at your absolute best for your session! Well rested, with bright, clear eyes and a glowing complexion. No liquid courage necessary!

san francisco boudoir photography

Loose teddies- They tend to look dated and aren’t very flattering on anybody. The loose fabric at the bottom ends up making hips appear wider than they are. (Probably the opposite effect you were going for). We really want to accentuate all  your curves which is why fitted lingerie like bodysuits or 2 piece sets work best for your wardrobe. Don’t have any lingerie and don’t want to shop for your session? We have a nice selection of lingerie in the studio for you to borrow from. Just ask:)

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Men’s shirts (if you’re a woman)- Ok, there are a couple things we can do with men’s shirts, but they don’t involve wearing them. Ladies, you will be swimming in them and there are so many other gorgeous wardrobe options for you (lingerie, kimonos, body jewelry, nudity). Let’s focus on what you actually feel and look your best in for your session. What does being a woman mean to you? What makes you feel sexy and feminine? These are the pieces that will really help your images shine.

san francisco boudoir photography

Follow those 3 tips and you’re well on your way to the photo shoot of your dreams. Remember, I’m here to guide you through it. Above all, you just need to relax and show up for yourself and let me handle the rest;)

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Much Love,


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