What to Expect During Your Phone Consultation

What to Expect During Your Phone Consultation

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Your boudoir journey is a luxury experience that extends so far beyond what happens on session day.

At our studio, luxury means having a sense of ease, comfort, and freedom to express your desires fully.  

This feeling of luxury empowers us to take the time to ask ourselves what we really want and prefer.

Which isn’t always easy, but is highly rewarding.

From the moment you inquire about a shoot to each time you reflect back on your images…you will feel luxurious because you are giving back to yourself.

And it all begins with our initial phone consultation.

Your consult is a 20 minute complimentary phone date where we’ll get the chance to chat about what you are looking to get out of your boudoir session and so much more.

If you’re a past client, you know that our phone consults can feel like a convo with a new friend- they are comforting and lighthearted meanwhile informative and intimate.

And if you’ve never had a phone consultation…we‘ve put together the four things to expect during your phone consult to ease those unknowns that may be lingering…

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#1 – We’ll talk through your vision for your photos…

And hey, it’s totally fine if you don’t have a vision yet… We have some tools to help you get inspired.

Having a vision is something that develops overtime for a lot of our client as they get their wardrobe pieces together, create Pinterest boards, think about what products they want to display their images, and more.

So if you have a vision for your images going into your phone consultation, awesome! We can not wait to hear about it. 

And if you need some support, we can not wait to help you get those creative juices flowing.

los angeles boudoir photography

#2 – We’ll talk about products and the investment…

This topic can be a little nerve wracking for many and I get it!  

But I think it’s important to get those things out of the way in the beginning so we can focus on creating some magic together. 

We’ll discuss your options for payment planssession bonuses, and which products you may want to display your images. 

With your boudoir investment, not only are you gifting yourself stunning images that you will look back on for years, but you are also investing in a better and more fulfilled you… that, my dear, is priceless.

los angeles boudoir photography

#3 – We’ll talk about your shoot location…

It’s no secret that we’ve got options when it comes to where your session will take place.

Some of my clients are set on their shoot location going into their phone consult and others have a general idea but are open to learning more about what the options are.  

So if you’re someone who may be a bit curious about your options… we’ll discuss what having a session in Tulum or Los Angeles is like.

Planning a destination session can feel a little overwhelming on the outside looking in but once you see how simple it can be, it may be exactly what you want in your boudoir experience.

I encourage you to stay open to all the amazing possibilities!

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#4 – We’ll select your date…

If you are feeling ready to book after learning about what your boudoir experience will look like, we’ll talk session dates.

Most clients prefer to book their session many months in advance so that they can take advantage of our easy payment plan. The longer out you plan, the more time you can stretch out your payments, making the whole experience all that more comfortable. 

Your phone consult is your time to select your session date and finalize the booking process and be well on your way to achieving your own gorgeous collection of photos.

Once your date is reserved, we’ll send you some helpful guides to start the planning process and the fun will begin!

los angeles boudoir photography

It’s always such a joy to get to know our clients during our phone consultations… 

And if I’ve learned anything from chatting with you all, it’s that it’s never going to feel like the perfect time to book your phone consultation or your session. 

The perfect time is now.

Because your boudoir journey is about honoring who you are right now in this moment… nothing more, nothing less.

I can not wait to chat with you 🙂

Hit the button below to reserve a 15-20 minute phone call with me at a time most convenient for you!



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