Boudoir Photography Tips: What to look for

Boudoir Photography Tips: What to look for

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Looking for a boudoir photographer can feel like searching for a new car.  You want someone whose images catch your eye and are chic enough to be in style for years to come.  Because you should be able to look back on your images in a decade and still be in awe that you are the woman in them.  

This feeling comes from having your authenticity and essence placed at the center of your boudoir experience.  This also comes from having a boudoir photographer that you feel comfortable and safe to be vulnerable with.  So, you can take a step out of your comfort zone and reach new levels of self-expression.

For example, many of our clients are curious about baring it all but are unsure of whether or not they will be comfortable enough to be nude in front of the camera.  But, once they are in the studio environment, they surprise themselves.  They do so by not only going nude for some of their images, but feeling liberated through the process.

We want you to have a boudoir experience that expands what you think of as possible for yourself.  So you can take this empowerment and carry it with you in all aspects of your life.  Your job, your family, your partnership, your friends, and most importantly, you, will be positively influenced by feeling more liberated- and in awe of yourself.  And, when you feel that nudge to book that second, third, or even a fourth session, you can trust that all of the empowerment will build from session to session.  

We recently shared an interview with our Brand Ambassador, Lisa, after her third boudoir session with the studio!  We also featured some stunning images from her glam photo shoot in LA.  In her interview, she shares why she chose to book a third shoot with us and what it felt like to go through the experience again.  You can view Lisa’s recent blog feature here.

In this post, we are going to share 3 things you should look for in your boudoir photographer.  

Because, we want you to be able to trust your photographer to work their magic so you can focus on letting your inner-goddess come alive in front of the camera.

#1: Unique Images From Client to Client:

We are intrinsically unique beings and your boudoir shoot should celebrate this rather than fit you into a mold. During your boudoir journey with us, your wardrobe, hair and makeup, poses, and shoot environment will all be curated to reflect who you are and what you want to capture about yourself.  This of course looks completely different from person to person.

#2: Resources to help you best prepare for your photo shoot:

When you walk into the studio on shoot day, you should feel some nerves.  To be honest, it’s inevitable not to!  But these nerves should come from the excitement you feel about being in front of the camera and experiencing something new… not out of fear that you are unprepared. 

Between the posts on our blog and the session prep materials that we’ll be sharing with you the months before the big day, you can trust that nothing will slip through the cracks.  

Here are some of our client’s favorite prep-focused blog posts:

#3: Archival Product Options:

Your boudoir images should be made to last.  At our studio, this means that our products are made of luxury, museum-quality materials that, when cared for properly, will last you a lifetime. Seeing your images showcased in this fine art way instantly elevates their impact.  Because you are a work of art that deserves to be seen as such.

Learn more about our Luxury product options. 

Tulum Boudoir Photo Shoot

Interested in Booking Your Boudoir Session in Tulum, MX, or Downtown Los Angeles?

The first step to booking your boudoir photo shoot is to schedule a phone consultation with the studio.  During this time, we will talk you through all the details, answer any questions you have about what to expect, and select your session date!  

We offer customizable payment plans, advanced purchase collection bonuses, and professional hair and makeup is included in your session. 

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