What’s Your Boudoir Wardrobe Style?

What’s Your Boudoir Wardrobe Style?

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There are countless boudoir wardrobe styles that can be used to express your inner sensuality and confidence.  If you take a scroll through our portfolio or Instagram feed, you will see exactly what I mean.  Every woman has her own unique spark that her wardrobe styles helps us showcase.  Three (3) outfits are included in your photoshoot.  And, if you choose to take advantage of our collection bonuses, you may be eligible for an additional outfit.  So, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one style, but can play around with multiple.  Having variety in your outfits gives us the ability to get more creative with how your final images are displayed (view our products here).

In this post, we are sharing our 11 most popular boudoir wardrobe styles.  

Which will you choose to emulate?

Edgy Style LA Boudoir Photography

Dark and Moody Style:

A boudoir classic, the dark and moody style brings your sultry self out to play.  Paired with jeweled-toned lingerie and a smokey eye, you will be reflecting on the boldness of these images for years to come.

Tulum Boudoir Photo Shoot Wardrobe Style


Embrace your divine natural beauty with a bohemian boudoir look. This style is the perfect pairing to the tropical backdrop in Tulum.  View our boho wardrobe recommendations here. 

LA Desert Boudoir Wardrobe Styles

Warrior Goddess:

The more boldly you choose to dress, the more you will push yourself out of your comfort zone. And Babe, your inner warrior goddess is just waiting to come alive.  This outfit is most commonly chosen for our SoCal Desert sessions, however, it can be used at any location.

Glam Style Boudoir Wardrobe Idea | LA Photographer

Hollywood Glam Style:

Pearls, rosy cheeks, gloves, and lots of glam!  Hollywood glam is a nostalgic style for many of us that will help you channel another worldly elegancy and classiness. 

Edgy LA Boudoir Wardrobe

Elegant Tulle Fashion:

Tulle Fashion is one of my favorite styles.  Tulle is a wonderful material for boudoir images because it adds color, texture, and character to your images while not covering you up too much. 😉

Artistic Nude Boudoir Wardrobe Los Angeles

Artistic Nude:

Going nude for your boudoir images is a liberating experience.  If you want to see your artistically posed body in its truest form, then this is the style for you.  Learn more about barring it all during your boudoir photo shoot. 

los angeles boudoir photography

Sexy Neon Style:

We often underestimate the power of a pop of color.  Neon lingerie is a great reminder.  There is nothing more sexy than a woman who isn’t afraid to stand out. 

Boudoir Style Wardrobe Ideas | TULUM BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER

Classic Bodysuit:

Bodysuits are a boudoir classic for a reason! They flatter nearly all body types and are just enough coverage to ease into the boudoir experience comfortably.

Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

Oversized Shirt:

This casual look is a go-to for those who want to show their effortlessly sexy side.  An oversized shirt is also a great option for those who want to add some more modest images into the mix. 

Bridal Boudoir Photographer Los Angeles


Bridal boudoir helps you celebrate your final days of being single and the new chapter of life you are stepping into.  For our bride-to-be’s, white lingerie is a timeless staple that is flattering on everyone.  

Edgy Boudoir Wardrobe Style Ideas

Edgy Jewels:

Dressing in jewels brings out a queen-like energy that we could all use a little more of on the day-to-day.  View our body jewelry recommendations here. 

los angeles boudoir photography

Ready to Capture Your Boudoir Style?

The first step to booking your boudoir photo shoot is to schedule an obligation-free phone consultation with the studio. 

During this time, we will chat through your vision for your images, walk you through what to expect, and book your session date if you are ready!

We offer payment planscollection bonuses, and professional hair and makeup is included in your session.  Learn more by getting in touch using the link below.

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