Where to Stay in Tulum

Where to Stay in Tulum

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One of the #1 questions our clients have when booking their boudoir session with us in Mexico is where to stay in Tulum. There are several types of accommodations for our Tulum clients and today we’re breaking down the options (and our top recommendation) for Tulum stays.

Many people visiting Tulum will automatically start to look at all-inclusive resorts (especially if they’ve visited Cancun, Playa del Carmen or other resort areas of Mexico). It’s a go to search and what they’ll find is that technically, all-inclusive resorts don’t exist in the town of Tulum.

There are all inclusive resorts outside of Tulum (a 15-20 minute drive) and while many of our clients opt to stay at a resort when coming to town for their boudoir session, it’s not exactly our top recommendation nor an authentic Tulum experience.

If you’re looking for ease, you might find it at a resort since everything is included. But if you’re also wanting to leave the resort to explore the ruins and town of Tulum, then transportation can become an issue. What’s not included in the resorts are the pricy taxi rides into the town of Tulum. (We’ve heard of clients paying up to $80 USD one way)

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The quality of food and even lack of service at some of the nearby all-inclusive resorts outside Tulum is also a recurring complaint we hear from our Tulum clients. Overall, we find that the upkeep of rooms in the resorts aren’t always to standard. Our clients who skip the all-inclusives and opt to stay in the town of Tulum typically end up being happier with their overall stay.

Which brings us to boutique hotels in Tulum- the ultimate Tulum vibe!

If we have to choose ONE type of accommodation for our clients, it will always be Tulum’s famous boutique hotel experience.

The beach hotels in Tulum’s hotel zone are the answer of where to stay in Tulum. Yes, they are the priciest option, but they do offer exactly what people come to Tulum for- the sexy, unique vibe and of course, the beach.

Don’t expect high end finishings or even air conditioning at some places though. What you will get at Tulum’s boutique hotels in the hotel zone are proximity to the beach, artistic flair, exceptional food, Tulum’s best shopping and the full, immersive experience.

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If Tulum’s beach hotels aren’t in your budget, no worries. There are hundreds of very affordable Airbnb studios, 1 bedrooms and condos in Tulum town, a 5 to 15 minute drive to the beach depending on where you stay.

Airbnbs in Tulum are an excellent option if you want more ease in exploring the local side of town. Prices in Tulum town restaurants, shops and bars are all significantly lower than what you’ll find in the hotel zone. It’s walkable, where all the locals live and there’s plenty to explore.

If staying in an Airbnb in Tulum, you’ll want to have a couple options for beach clubs to visit for the day. Or, the public side of the beach is free and always a good time.

Hope this helps in your search for Tulum stays. Questions? Drop them in the comments below!

p.s. If you’re wanting to book a Tulum photo shoot with us, visit our FAQ Guide to learn more and then book a call with us HERE.

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