Where to Stay While Visiting Tulum

Where to Stay While Visiting Tulum

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Where you decide to book your accommodations for your Tulum boudoir shoot can help elevate your entire experience in our Caribbean paradise.  

One of the amazing things about visiting Tulum is that it has an array of accommodations that cater to both high-end tourists and those who want a more rustic vacation. 

Tulum has grown exponentially in tourism over the last decade, becoming home to world-renowned, luxurious hippie-chic spa hotels that are destinations in and of themselves.

The accommodations in Tulum are centralized in two main areas of the city: the beach hotel zone and the in-town Airbnb zone.  Deciding which area speaks to you the most is the first step to finding your temporary home away from home.

I’d recommend exploring both of these areas while visiting, regardless of where you’re staying, to get the full Tulum experience.  Because Tulum is a rather small-town, most things, including some of the best historical ruins, are within walking or biking distance.  There are of course many incredible day-trips from Tulum that can be reached by bus or cab, so if you are wondering what activities will be easily accessible to you while visiting, know that the possibilities are endless. 

In this post, we’re going to explore the draws of each of the two zones in Tulum as well as some of our accommodation recommendations.

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The beach hotel zone:  Nearly all of the hotels in Tulum are located in what’s known as the hotel zone.  This zone is located about 3 kilometers away from the downtown area or “pueblo” and extends about 10 kilometers north and south along the coast.

The most obvious attraction to staying in the hotel zone is that you’ll be a short walk away from the stunning turquoise ocean.  Most hotels have their own private beaches, restaurants, and spas that are accessible to their guests.

Staying in one of Tulum’s boutique hotels adds an element of ease and luxury to your travel experience which is a fabulous pairing to your boudoir shoot. 

View some of our top beach hotel recommendations in this post.

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The in-town Airbnb zone:  Scattered throughout the pueblo are Airbnb gems that are run by both locals and ex-pats from all over the world.  When staying in town, you will be within walking distance to the best shopping, cuisine, nightlife, yoga studios, and cafes that Tulum has to offer.

Airbnb’s in Tulum tend to be far more affordable and offer a more private experience, giving you the option to cook on your own if you’d like or sample all of the amazing restaurants in town. If you are looking to have more of a live-like-a-local travel experience, than I’d suggest sticking to in-town options.

Our Airbnb zone recommendations include: Searching Airbnb for a villa that fits your needs in La Veleta or Aldea Zama. You’ll also find some hotels within the town center.

Destination Boudoir Photography in Tulum, MX

I’m thrilled to share this beautiful place with you as you embark on an empowering adventure you’ll never forget. 

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