Why Are Boudoir Photos So Expensive?

Why Are Boudoir Photos So Expensive?

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A lot of people think about the boudoir photo investment all wrong…

Some wonder why boudoir photos tend to be more expensive than other types of photography.

Consider your boudoir photos a source of lifelong therapy.

You’d invest in therapy if you needed to feel better about yourself, right?

Boudoir photos are the therapy for so many of my Clients who struggle with body acceptance, self-esteem issues, and learning to love themselves better.

Boudoir photos are your daily confidence boost.

I’ve had sooo many Clients over the years tell me that their boudoir session with me changed their LIFE.

Others have shared that their boudoir experience was better than a year’s worth of therapy (which btw, is much more expensive than my photos;)

But let’s really get down to it….why is boudoir more expensive than other genres of photography?

Sure, you can find cheap boudoir photographers out there.

But do you want one?

Every week I speak with women who have had boudoir photos taken by someone else…and they were disappointed with how they turned out.

Mostly they went to friends with cameras or low cost photographers with little experience.

This is fine…But just like with every other industry- you do get what you pay for.

Here are 3 things that set our studio apart from photographers just starting out:

#1. Over 7 years specializing in boudoir photography

Boudoir is the only genre that I photograph.

This means over the years I’ve been able to master my craft. I’m not a wedding or family photographer dabbling in boudoir. I have years of consistent practice and a lot of blood, sweat and tears that have gone into learning how to be the best boudoir photographer I can be.

I know what works on each body type, and what doesn’t. I also know how to help my Clients feel totally comfortable in our studio, providing a warm space where they can feel supported and ready to blossom.

#2. Posing demonstrations

If you’ve had a session with me before, you know that a ton of work goes into our photo shoots, both before, during and after.

The posing demos I provide are KEY to a successful shoot. Every single session, for every single pose, I get down on the floor, bed or sofa and show you exactly how to pose. How to hold your body. Where to look.

Even how to breathe.

You’re what I call “micro-posed” from head to toe so that you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to posing.

**This level of instruction is a must for a successful shoot and gallery!**


la boudoir photographer

#3. My background in psychology and counseling plays a role in our work together

Even though I’m technically no longer a practicing counselor, for many of my Clients, my counseling background does provide them extra support.

Many times my Clients share their stories and journeys and all their ups and downs with me either during our initial phone call or on session day.

And sometimes, my Clients get emotional as they share. This is normal. And welcomed.

Since we create a comfortable and inviting boudoir experience, our Clients can let go and feel free to share their thoughts and feelings about nerves, fears, struggles and so much more.

For many of my Clients, this is an important step in their transformation.

Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

Babe, there is soooo much that goes into our boudoir experience, from the first initial phone consultation, to all the prep to provide our Clients a 5 star experience, to the photo shoot itself and beyond.

Your investment in your boudoir photos will be one that pays you back year after year…with a sense of confidence, peace and pride that you feel every time you look at your photos.

If you’re wanting this for yourself and are worried about the investment, our pre-session payment plans are here for you…

But they only work for you if you plan ahead! Give yourself plenty of time to stretch out your payments pre-photo shoot.

To get started, review our FAQ Guide and the booking link inside to reserve your call with us!


Los Angeles: October 2022 (only 3 spots left!)

Tulum: Ongoing throughout 2022 and beyond

Much Love,


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