Why Those Extra 10 lbs Don’t Matter

Why Those Extra 10 lbs Don’t Matter

I want to chat about something that’s been bothering me. It makes me cringe every time I hear it.

It’s that excuse I hear from so many women…

….”I want to have a boudoir session with you, but I want to lose 10 lbs first.” I hear this multiple times a week and it breaks my heart every time.

Ladies, those extra 10 lbs are not going to make or break your photos. I promise you.

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What will actually show on camera, regardless of your current size, is you being photographed in the most flattering and elongating poses- highlighting your favorites parts of you. Celebrating the body that sustains you through life.

What will show on camera is YOU as you are today- an imperfectly perfect woman wanting to honor herself- exactly as she is. Self-accepting, self-loving, and falling in love with her own personal journey.

What will show on camera is you practicing deeper self-love even if you don’t have the “perfect body”- which doesn’t exist by the way.

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What we will capture on camera is the radiance and confidence you felt on the day of your boudoir session- a feeling you can carry with you always, each and every time you view your photos.

10 freaking pounds…really? You and I both know you’re better than that. Let’s come up with a better excuse, please? 😉

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You are worth so much more than your weight. More than your cellulite, your rolls, your double chin, your stomach that hasn’t been the same since you gave birth. These self-perceived imperfections do NOT define you. They do not determine your worthiness for a boudoir experience.

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Waiting for “perfection” only means we are missing out on rich experiences and opportunities for personal growth. We’ll literally be waiting forever if we are holding out for that “perfect”‘ time.

Whether you are a size 4 or 24, you are worthy of this experience. Don’t deny yourself the empowerment, liberation, and confidence that comes with having your photos taken just because you aren’t at your perfect weight. The weight will go up and down and so will life. Why not relax into it and celebrate the ride?

For more info on a session in my SF Bay Area studio, start HERE.

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  1. Andrea Duncan

    I would love to have a session and I’m sure I could afford to loose ten pounds, but the kicker, the one thing that holds me back is the scar I have that runs between my breasts from having a Heart Transplant 4 years ago. I feel beyond blessed/lucky to be alive and have a second chance at life, but I’m having such a hard time with my scars. Otherwise, I would jump on this. You do beautiful work, Lindsay. Keep it up!

  2. Laurie Yglesia

    Everything you said is so true Lindsay! There is no “ perfect body” YOUR body is meant to be yours. We are all individuals with different likes and dislikes. Different personalities. Different voices. Different bodies!!! How boring if we were all the same. What Lindsay provides for you are beautiful pieces of art of yourself. You will have your breath taken away at your reveal. You will want yo do this again and again . Dont wait . Dont lose ten pounds. Just do it. Im pretty darn sure you will have NO regrets once you look at how beautiful you are through your own eyes as presented by an artist that knows how to make you feel relaxed. Comfortable , (even while in contorted positions), at ease, vulnerable, excited, sexy, loved, beautiful… I dont know about you but I havent had an experience that good with myself in quite sometime.

    1. Lindsay Carlisle

      Awww Laurie!! It’s so amazing to hear the lasting impact of your session. THANK YOU for your kind words. I can’t wait to work with you again soon.

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