Your Boudoir Session: Self-Love & Healing

Your Boudoir Session: Self-Love & Healing

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When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought, “Wowww I look SO good?”

Whether it was last year, five years ago, or ten years ago, loving yourself and your journey is just as important as your morning coffee. Yet self-love is such a challenge for so many of us.

Walking through your day to day, getting lost in your kid’s schedule, burying yourself in work, fighting the social standards for what your life should be like- it’s all soo draining.

Where are we supposed to find the time for exceptional self-care in the midst of all this modern day madness?

Well, it’s not easy. It takes a commitment to self that demands our time and attention. It takes showing up for yourself every single day. Many of us feel we just straight up don’t have the time for this.

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Whether you’re a busy mom, a business owner, a full time student or an overworked professional, remember that in order to thrive and help those you love thrive too, you must give back to yourself.

In our boudoir studio we work with so many amazing women who want and frankly, need to do something amazing for themselves. It’s why so may women come to us for photos- they want to pamper themselves and remember what it’s like to feel beautiful, confident and connected to their inner self. (Yes, the boudoir experience goes beyond aesthetics and actually is highly therapeutic for many of our clients).

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In a world where our connection to our unique self can be so easy to lose, our photo experience offers a way back home.

It helps us heal.

Getting in front of the camera, freeing yourself up from boundaries and social cues, from the thoughts and words that have told you that you weren’t beautiful. Letting go of your mom or wife mode. Eliminating the reminders that you haven’t done this, or can’t do that. Allowing yourself to be in the moment, focused on you and only you, while being guided through all the poses…

All of the moments within this experience are healing you.

Let me say that again because it’s that importantAll of the moments within this experience are healing you.

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They’re enabling you to let go of the life you expected and embrace the amazing one that you have.

They’re enabling you to let go of loss, disappointment, grief, abuse, self-doubt and other’s expectations of you.

They’re enabling you to simply let go and trust that we’ve got you on this journey and that you are and deserve to feel worthy, beautiful and celebrated.

And most importantly, that you should love where you are now.  Love the journey that life has taken you on. It’s not perfect, but it’s all a part of you.

You have NO idea how beautiful you actually are.

Want us to show you? 

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