Your Four-Day Tulum Travel Itinerary

Your Four-Day Tulum Travel Itinerary

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A boudoir shoot is a way to step outside your comfort zone and into a renewed vision of yourself.

So what is the perfect companion to that?

Travel! Travel is a form of therapy which is why I love visiting new places and do so as often as I can.  Travel relieves stress as we get to separate ourselves from our daily routines and leave our worries behind. I always come away from my travels with a major perspective shift that I am excited to bring back into my ‘normal’ life. 

Traveling allows us to learn more about culture, food, and ourselves… especially in a world-class location like Tulum which has the most amazing sites, live music, shopping, clubs, restaurants, yoga studios, shalas… I could go on and on…

If you are traveling solo, then you have even more opportunities to dive into the soulful side of Tulum and focus on honoring yourself.  We highly recommend traveling solo for your destination boudoir shoot to give yourself a more spiritually enriching experience.

At their core, our boudoir sessions are about growth and empowerment – solo travel is also about growth and empowerment. See where we’re going with this? 😉

One of the most common questions I get about solo traveling is, “what do I do for 3,4,5+ days alone?”.

And listen, I get it…

So to answer this common question, we’ve put together a 4-day travel itinerary for you to pull from when planning your trip!

One of the great things about Tulum is that things are super accessible, whether you want to stay local or travel a few hours for a day trip.  

Let’s get into it…

tulum boudoir photo shoot

Four-Day Tulum Travel Itinerary:

Day One:  Welcome to Tulum

Planning on a chill first day is such a good idea because it leaves you room to change the plan if your travels are delayed or if you are feeling called to rest a little extra before your shoot. 

I recommend settling in with a day at a local beach club (my favorites include Gitano Beach and Mía Restaurant & Beach Club), some shopping in town, and delicious eats, for a quintessential Tulum introduction.

Before your session, be sure to monitor your sun exposure.  Wear sunscreen (lots of it) and if you burn easily, consider a hat and some light layers. The sun is extra strong in the Caribbean.

Day Two: Photoshoot Day

Your boudoir shoot will take up most of the day between hair and makeup, travel, shoot time, etc.  Our shoots can be tiring so plan on a nice local dinner within walking distance from your accommodations and if you are anything like me, an early night in to reflect, journal, and recharge for the next two days.

Prior to your shoot, I recommend visiting a local coffee shop like Ki’bok CoffeeDelCielo, or La Fournee.

For a nice authentic Mexican dinner, I recommend El AsaderoSabor de Mar, and Pozolería La Mexicanita

Day Three: Some Local Adventures

On day three, I suggest exploring some local adventures like Kaan Luum lake which is about 10 minutes outside of Tulum center and a cenote on that same day. We have a whole list of our Best Cenotes Near Tulum blog post to pick from depending on what catches your eye.

This would be a great day to do a class at a yoga studio like HolistikaTribal Tulum, or Yäan Healing Sanctuary.  (view more about these three studios on our Getting Our of Your Head and Into Your Body blog post)

Day Four: Exploring Tulum’s History

There is so much incredible history in and around Tulum that is worth dedicating a full day to exploring, whether that be through visiting some ruins or experiencing a traditional ceremony. 

There are so many options so here is a list of my top recommendations: 

– The Beach Ruins  

– Chichen Itza

– A boat tour through Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve – A UNESCO World Heritage site

A Temazcal Ceremony

 A Cacao Ceremony

– Also see our Day Trips from Tulum and our 5 Places You Must Visit in Tulum blog posts for more.

Tulum Destination Boudoir Photographer

Tulum, Mexico is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I hope that while you are visiting for your shoot, you can soak up as much of it’s magic as possible.

When thinking about traveling for your boudoir shoot, remember that we are here to guide you through the experience and answer any questions you may have along the way.

If you are interested in learning more about a boudoir shoot in Tulum or LA, book a phone call with us using the button below:

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