Your Inner Goddess Is Still in There

Your Inner Goddess Is Still in There

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Life is filled with so many unexpected changes.  Whether it be a shift in your marriage, family, body, career, or a milestone age, these things can commonly affect our relationship with ourselves without us even realizing it until we take the time to reflect.

So many of the women I work with are drawn to boudoir photography for that very reason.

They want to rekindle that spark within themselves and oftentimes within their partnership.  The beautiful thing about boudoir is that no matter what your reasoning is for booking your shoot, you will leave feeling a shift deep within yourself.  This shift feels like an overwhelming sense of confidence, excitement, and most importantly, a connectedness with your most whole self… 

… That version of you I like to call, your inner goddess.

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That term may seem a little ‘out there’ for some of us and that’s totally okay.  To me, your inner goddess is that voice inside your head leading you to find a deeper sense of inner peace, empowerment, and feminine wisdom.  My favorite part about this idea is that it doesn’t imply that there is any destination to be reached, rather a continual honoring of what feels right and what does not.

If you are anything like me, taking that time to reflect on what feels right and what does not, might be a behavior you are relearning.  It’s something that is instinctual to us as children and as we grow older, it can easily slip away.  Up until my mid-twenties, I rarely took the time to check in with myself, and it led me to feel completely out of touch with my wholeness.  Once I started to take more time to reflect and sit with my feelings, I was able to begin identifying small shifts I could make to live a more aligned and fulfilling life and over time those small shifts led to something so much bigger.

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This relearning is an ongoing effort but each time we step outside of our comfort zones, even if just a little, the easier it gets.  What makes these little shifts so amazing is that we can never anticipate the role they’ll play in our stories until we look back – That boundary you set in your friendship, that sense of play you brought into your partnership, or that risk you took in your career could unlock a whole new realm of possibility and freedom for you. 

It all begins with taking that step outside of your comfort zone – and, Love, it’s never too late to do so.

As mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, and friends, it can feel as though every decision we make will rock the boat for everyone else, but when we choose to prioritize loving ourselves, we can show up as examples to others for what it looks like to live a fulfilling, joyful life – which is valuable beyond words. 

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All of life’s ups, downs, and everything in-between has brought you to where you are right now, and I think that’s incredible.  Your boudoir shoot is a chance to celebrate the power and beauty that you hold and to realign you with the infinite potential that your life has in store for you. 

Sensuality, body positivity, and self-care are not seasons that you can outgrow but rather lifelong conversations we develop. 

Our studio is a safe and conducive environment to let your inner goddess come to the surface and begin to shine through.  There is nothing more sexy, romantic, and empowering than a soul-level authenticity that we’ll capture in your boudoir photos.  

“From the moment you walk into the studio, Lindsay will make you feel comfortable, relaxed, at ease for your photoshoot. I was anxious about doing the shoot, but at no point during our photo session did I have those nerves bubble up. Throughout the photo shoot (and even during the reveal), she helped me feel confident about my body. Her passion for her work and encouraging demeanor helped me to break out of my comfort zone, which resulted in the most amazing, gorgeous pictures. I would recommend Lindsay to anyone that is looking for an awesome boudoir session, but particularly for first timers that may have some nerves about this sort of shoot. Rest assured that you’re in great hands with Lindsay. I would 100% work with her again.”

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Ready to watch your inner goddess come to life?

The first step to booking your boudoir shoot in LA or Tulum is to schedule a complimentary phone consultation with our studio.

During your call, we’ll talk through what to expect, answer any questions you may have, and get you booked for your shoot if you’re ready.

I am so excited to chat… 



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