Your Self-Love Journey

Your Self-Love Journey

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We’re all drawn to boudoir for different reasons. I think for most of us, what leads us here is a culmination of everything we’ve been through, everything we want for ourselves, and feeling the call to celebrate everything that we are.  Embarking on this life-changing journey pushes us to release our grasp on what is no longer serving us and into embodying a new way of being.  

Ultimately, when you show up for your session, you show up for you.  Not for anyone else.  

Why? Because no matter who or what you may be doing a session for (stunning images for your own personal collection, a partner, etc), you will walk away feeling a personal transformation that is something only you will feel and understand. 

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At first glance, your shoot might seem daunting, and it’s normal to slip into some worrying, “will she get my best angles, will I pick the right outfits, what if I forget something?”…the list could go on and on!  But the power you hold when you take the leap to book your session is the same power you hold as we guide you throughout the entire process, start to finish. When you fall into worrying that you don’t have the power, you will remember that it’s the same radiating energy that gets you up and out of bed every morning. It’s the strength and the passion that you put into your work, it’s what drives you to love and be loved. 

Trust me, you have it in you.  Sometimes we need support and encouragement to remind us of that and that’s okay!

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Everyone’s boudoir journey is unique because every session is curated to create a comfortable, nurturing environment where you feel in control.  From wardrobe, to Hair and Makeup, to the poses we move through, to your products you go home with: your wants, needs, and visions will be the foundation of your experience.  I know that may sound like a lot of pressure because if you are anything like me, it may be hard to pick a place to grab dinner or which kind of tea you want to drink at the end of a long day.  So we’re here to guide you through it all, we’ll help you walk you through every little prep detail, we’ll answer every question, offer advice when you need it, and ensure that every final image reflects how absolutely stunning you are. 

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Your boudoir journey marks a new chapter in your life.  One that encourages you to unapologetically recognize the strength you hold every day. Boudoir serves to nurture the confidence and self-love that we all crave to carry with us in our biggest moments, in the smallest decisions we face in our day-to-day, and everything in between.  We will continue to grow, inspire, learn, and perform in miraculous ways, but making boudoir a stop along the way can be a much needed recharge for the power that’s been with you all along.

Our favorite part of our job is meeting, getting to know, and telling the stories of so many beautiful, wise, courageous women like you. 

We’d love to get to know you and have the honor of guiding you through your boudoir journey.  

If you are interested in booking a session of simply want more information, we would love to setup a phone consultation with you to chat!

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