Your Top 10 LA Boudoir Session Day Concerns

Your Top 10 LA Boudoir Session Day Concerns

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#1) Should I wash my hair?

Yes, you should wash your hair before your photoshoot.  In fact, we ask that you arrive on session day with clean and dry hair.  Depending on your hair care routine, this may mean that you wash your hair the day before or the morning of.  Once you arrive at the studio, we will jump right into hair and makeup, so it’s important that your hair is completely dry when you arrive.

#2) Do I need shoes for my boudoir session?

If you want to wear shoes in your images, then absolutely.  Some of my clients prefer to go barefoot and others choose to bring stylish heels to enhance their outfits.  If you want to wear shoes in your photos, I suggest bringing a pair of nude and or black heels. The higher the heel the better 😉

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#3) Where do I park and how do I enter the building?

When you book your session, we will send you both the address of the studio and the address of a suggested parking lot nearby. You will know exactly where to go. Parking in the lot is very straightforward – they accept credit/debit cards and it’s a flat rate for 12 hours so you don’t need to worry about an hourly time limit or rate.  

The back opening of the parking lot spills onto one of the most beautiful alleyways in DTLA, Santee St., where you will be able to see the studio building from.

I will meet you in the lobby of the studio building at your scheduled start time and will help you bring all your things up to the studio and get situated before all the fun begins.

#4) Do I need to come early to my appointment?

You should not come early to your photo shoot.  We ask that you arrive at your scheduled start time to ensure we are 100% ready for you.  If you do arrive early, there are cafes nearby the studio that are great places to hang out until your shoot starts.  

In fact, some of my clients plan on arriving with plenty of time to spare so they can sit at a cafe with a book or laptop so they are not rushing to get to the studio on time.  The more ease and preparedness you can bring to your shoot day, the better!

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#5) What should I wear to my session?

On the morning of your photo shoot, you should dress in a comfortable, loose-fitting outfit.  Why? Because, you know those red lines and indentations that you get on your skin after wearing socks, jeans, or a bra all day? We want to avoid having those marks in your images.  So, things like leggings and a t-shirt, a maxi-dress, or anything oversized is what you should wear to the studio. 

#6) Should I eat before my photo session?

Please do not skip a meal for your photo shoot.  It’s vital that you feel energized and in your body during shoot time and if you are battling hunger, you will not feel that way.  Our posing is a bit of a workout, so you will need that fuel to get through shoot time! The session experience is approximately 3.5 hours so plan accordingly and make sure you have breakfast and lunch on session day.

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#7) Should I fake tan before my session?

Fake tanning is not recommended before your photo shoot.  Although it may sound like a good idea, fake tans do not always look good in photos so it’s best to avoid them all together.  Oftentimes, fake tanning leaves you with blotchy coloring and an orange undertone which is not so flattering.  For booty shots especially, we often find that the fake tan doesn’t end up covering all the spots we want it to. 

#8) Should I bring any of my makeup?

Nope! Our professional hair and makeup artists have everything needed for your look.  If you have any makeup allergies or are want to use your own foundation, then you are more than welcome to bring some products from home.

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#9) How many outfits should I pack?

Three outfits are included in your photoshoot.  And, if you are taking advantage of our collection bonuses, then you may be eligible for additional wardrobe changes.  Learn more about our collection bonuses here.  

Keep in mind that if you want to go nude for any of your images, that will count as one outfit.  And, we will have a small client closet of body jewelry and accessories in the studio that you are welcome to borrow from.  However, it is not guaranteed that there will be something that you want to wear in there.  So, please come prepared with three or more outfits and we can always swap out your pieces for a client closet piece if you end up seeing something you like.  

To make sure your outfits are properly fitting, please consider doing an At Home Boudoir Wardrobe Fitting.

#10) What if I forget something?

Don’t worry!  We will have everything you need at the studio.  And, worst-case scenario, if you forget your outfits, we will get creative!  Everything happens for a reason 😉

I have had clients forget ALL of their outfits and we decided to make the best of it with body jewelry from the client closetin-the-sheet shots, and artistic nude photographs. 

Shooting Boudoir Images

To Book Your Boudoir Photo Shoot:

The first step to booking your boudoir shoot is to schedule a 20 minute phone call with the studio.  During this time, we will chat through the boudoir experience, I’ll share what our studio offers, and we’ll select your session date if you are ready.

Upcoming Sessions:

Los Angeles: June 1st-25th (only 4 spots left!)

Tulum: Throughout the year

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