Your Tulum Photographer

Your Tulum Photographer

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Tulum Photos: A private boudoir experience in the jungle

So much goes into planning a trip to Tulum- from what to pack, to where to stay, best restaurants to try and even how to get from Cancun airport to Tulum. As your photographer in Tulum, I guide you on this travel journey, helping you choose the best hotels (I definitely have my favorites that my clients love), offering tips on what to pack for your session and so much more. Having Tulum photos done with us means you’ll be well guided and directed throughout your session prep and beyond, providing you a boudoir photo shoot experience in Tulum that is world class.

(p.s. If you haven’t perused through our Tulum Travel Guide, you’ll want to;)

When booking your Tulum photographer, you really shouldn’t have to worry about a thing! To make your photo shoot in Tulum go smoothly and to gift yourself a world-class boudoir session, keep in mind that your Tulum photographer should:

1. Come Prepared with Supplies for an Epic Session

Mosquito repellant, snacks, water and extra supplementary wardrobe pieces are all items your photographer should have on hand for you during your boudoir shoot.

In addition, your photographer in Tulum should have their hair and makeup artist on set for touch-ups (extra powder goes a long way in the Tulum heat!). The HMUA should also have a hairbrush, clips, and a hand mirror available during the session.

2. Include Hair and Makeup Service in their Session

You want your photos to shine right? Professional hair and makeup with lashes goes a long way in photos and really adds an extra touch of glam and professionalism to your gallery. Sure, you could roll out of bed and be ready to rock your session- but the pampering and confidence boost that comes from having your hair and makeup professionally styled will pay off in your photos and you’ll walk away with an incredibly stunning gallery.

2. Provide Posing Instruction and Creative Guidance

Unless you’re a professional working model (which none of my clients are), you’re going to need posing instruction. And not just verbal instruction, but actual visual demonstrations of each and every pose that you’ll do throughout your photo shoot in Tulum. Your photographer should be providing posing guidance throughout your photo shoot.

3. Photograph you in a Private Escape from the Crowds

Tulum’s beaches can get pretty busy and for a boudoir photo shoot especially, privacy is key. Your Tulum photographer should value your privacy and comfort above everything and should ensure a secluded area to take photos in, free from other bystanders with plenty of room to explore and dance around in your birthday suit!

4. Not Rush and Have Plenty of Time to Create Magic

During your photo adventure there should be no need to rush—your photographer in Tulum should give your session a minimum of 1.5 hours of shooting time. This helps ensure there is plenty of time for wardrobe changes, ample posing instruction, time to perfect each pose and so much more. With a relaxed pace, you’ll be able to let the magic unfold naturally and also will have more opportunity for extra beautiful images.

Want more info on having Tulum photos done with us? Advanced reservations are required and our clients book months in advance. Don’t wait to secure your spot!

Reserve a phone consultation to connect and learn more.

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